Team leavers - how not to play with them?

In 4x4 every game there is one player with 20 games per 20 minutes. He leaves every game. The matchmaking collect players slowly, so I have 100% chance to meet him every game. I tried to report him, but there is no point “team leaver”.
Or maybe give me individual blocker to avoid games with him.

you can report him for bad language and hate speech and stuff. Even tho he is botting he will get chat banned for 3 days :):):):):):):):):):):

Very nice. Every player can ruins game for other 7 people, and it is legal :confused:

it s a shame! leaver and botter gamer are ruining this game. least but not last MMR and matching are disgusting!!! i ve been playing with bronze and silver my last 20 games(im platuinum level 2) that s not acceptable. i m loosing tons of games because of this. Blizzard doesn t give a fuck!

Its just the state of Starcraft II unfortunately. I honestly surprised this game still has a heartbeat. At this point, its best to make friends with good players or join a clan. That what I did awhile back and its been fun.

Oh hey there finally (after 2 years) is another person that is annoyed by the leaver botter aka Anubis/Tribune

4v4 nowadays is either the leaver botter or getting stomped by a 4-man masters premade

Tribun. Not Tribune :slight_smile:
Btw when i do play i also stomp most of the times im high master/low grand master btw DX