TvT in gold league, i need in advice

I am playing SC2 about 2 weeks and have MMR around 2600 now. I actually don’t know wtf is with ladder, but 90% my opponents are terrans and 50% of them play too defensive, i mean tanks + turrets + planetary fortress, they can even have 2 bases, but taking it is too hard and the main problem in this situation is battlecruisers because of this dude can make 1-2 BC and jump to my base, i actually don’t know what to do. Because if i returning to my base - he will jump to repair and have some new space to economic development. but if i try to take his diffense - i actually do it, but after that i already lost my economy. Anyway this kind of game is too boring and this playstyle doesn’t require any skill and knowleges and… i don’t know apm from opponents, i have a huge ass explosion of that. Pls, advise me smth.

Git gud.
But for real until you reach high masters, the problem is never with a certain unit or race or composition. You may think it is, but its not. The problem is with your macro and build order. Always. Iam in my shitty diamond 1 and still unless someone is cheesing hard, it comes down to who can macro better.
Now I see you are playing mainly terran and I can give you advice, like use ravens to disable siege tanks and break siege tank lines or disable bcs so they cant jump out when you kill them with vikings, scout your enemy roughly at 3:40 because thats for fusion core when you rush BCs (although the word “rush” in gold has a little bit different meaning), use cyclones or vikings to counter BCs. Also BCs have a huge CD on their jump, so if your enemy uses it to hop into your base, he cant jump out, at least not too fast.
But the thing is, if your macro would be simply better, you would win these types of games no matter what. Think, if your enemy is sitting on 2 and doesnt move out or threaten you except for the BCs in the main, you have the whole map for yourself. You can expand a lot and make way more shit than your opponent.
If you had 4 bases with production scattered in all of them, then even if your enemy destroys your whole main, you can rebuild it easily with the money you’ve got and throw 200 supply at your opponent every 4 minutes, while your enemy is spending 2k minerals on turrets around his main.
In the end, starcraft is almost always a numbers game. I know that this isnt exactly the advice that any gold league player wants, but this is the advice they need.

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Thank you a lot! I actually had all my production near 2-3 bases and didn’t scout unusual expands, but to be honest for gold league usual expand is in the angel of map xD and with fortress ofc.