Whats wrong with people

so my nickname in game is - Avenger
and i see a lot of hate in game (with my team)
so they do teamkill lol
they told me thats i have to read forums
so im here, whats wrong?
i play how i want

Well first I would like to ask what it is you do thats apparently so infuriating people teamkill you.

There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with the way you play. I’ve noticed a huge upsurge recently in teamkillers ruining game after game with their arrogance and downright nastiness. I’m not the best player, but certainly not the worst, and will always play for the benefit of the team. in my last game, despite serious foulmouthed abuse to all other team members I fully supported one of these idiots in forays against the other team. Didn’t stop him teamkilling me and the others though when the game was on a knife edge. It’s not unusual for teamkillers to go for someone right from the off. This is taking the enjoyment out of the game and I’m seriously thinking of giving it up…


It’s a shame when other people ruin games for you. I’d recommend trying to find teammates you trust and playing regularly with the same team. You can message people after games that you’ve enjoyed playing with or join a community of some sort.

Check out TAW if you want, we have organised team game events multiple times per week where we play with people of all levels. I can guarantee no team kills!

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Thank you alot for posting this. You are absolutely right, the game is ruined by idiots (kids between 6-12 years I think) that are attacking teammates for no reason at all. The thing is that you think that these kind of things would occur rarely in game but now I think that in 10 games in between 4-6 games this will gonna happen so I am thinking to stop playing ranked matches and instead play custom only vs a.i. For instance, in one game a retard (I am sorry not sorry for the language) one told us to go and attack. Ive had 5 bases, the game mustve been easily win for us- Ive had great defences in my base and Ive started making battlecruisers at 4 starports. I wanted to reach 200/200 army and strike and after that Ive had enough money to do it again and again. Ive had all the upgrades at terran, I wanted to prepare nukes. The game was going great. Ive had only 8 battlecruisers and I could ve make many more. But this kid gave an ultimatum of 30 seconds to the team and told us to attack. I have told him about my plan but after 20 seconds he destroyed 3 command centrers of mine with 3 teams of vikings. These kind of players must be banned permanently. If he would have attack the enemy with his vikings it wouldve been great but no-the retard must attack his teammates. After this game, it happened once again and I remembered the players name- it is OCTAVIAN. He attacked me FOR NO REASON AT ALL, NO REASON. I think that they dont know the game, they cant understand if we are going to win or lose and they do this thing for their fun. So-if you see OCTAVIAN in a game, I think youd better surrender with all that it means and play your next game. It was my first week on ranked and it happened to me on about 10 out of about 40 games. And I have to say that like you, I am not the best player of s2 but for sure I am far from being noob or unskilled. Ive beat 2/2 matches someone that had over 4000 games and was in gold. He told me that it would be easy for him but I can do in this game everything that seems risky and everybody avoids to do and I win. I am always playing for victory.

There are others, but yes, this guy is one to avoid.

You guys are worried about people swearing an other stupid shit bunch of bishes. Corono virus is here… end it shit.

i hope u shit player actually quit and play vs bots. u dont have the mental for this game kid