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Hello all, We understand this is a Guild Recruitment forum and posters here want to make sure their threads are visible. With that said, we want to remind you all that repeatedly bumping threads is a violation of our Fo…

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Welcome to the Guild Recruitment section. Here you can advertise your Guild, or look for a Guild to join. Please take some time to read through the following pages before posting: World of Warcraft Forum Guidelines Bli…

Returning Player LF Raiding and M+ Guild (1)
6/8M EP Established Guild Recruiting - Arathor/Hellfire (A) ( 2 3 ) (51)
[H] Kazzak <Synergize> - Tue & Sun 19:30 - 22:30 (5)
Blazed Redemption LFM (1)
[H] Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem <WHAT THE PUG> 4/8M EP. RECRUITING (1)
[H] Azjol Nerub looking for guild (1)
[A] <Retro> (7/8 Mythic) Silvermoon - 2 days, Late Night Raiding Guild ( 2 3 ) (54)
[H]<Splendour> 6/8M looking to teamup with a guild or group (2)
[H] Draenor <Blood Moon Clan> | 8/8HC 2/8M EP Raiding Guild (1)
[H] [DH 446 DPS] Ver active player looking to get into cutting edge raiding (1)
The unlimited (Tarren Mill Horde) (2)
Returning player looking for Guild to start raiding again (Korgall - Cruelty) (4)
[A] Auchindoun - returning player looking for guild (3)
[Alliance] Boomkin and a Resto Shaman Lf Guild (2)
[A] Holy Pala LF raiding guild! (9)
[A] Silvermoon <The Last Raiders> [PL] (3)
[A][FROSTMANE EU] Paladin Tank looking for a guild (2)
(A) Silvermoon - LF Guild (5)
LFG kazzak (1)
[H] Looking for serious raiding guild (3)
[EU ALLY] Blood DK tank Looking for raiding Guild (2)
[H] [Draenor] Cutting the Edge 6/8 Recruiting (1)
[H] [Draenor] Cutting the Edge 6/8 M Recruiting (1)
[A] [The Maelstrom] Pink Shorties 5/8M EP Looking for Merge (1)
[EU] Warlock 5/8 EP looking for early evening raiding guild (1)
[H] Tarren Mill - <Acheron> - 7/8M - 3 days (1)
[H] Stormscale, "Conventus" 3/8 M (3)
[A] [Silvermoon] Aerithium Social Raiding Guild (1)