“Kingsmourne” cinematic [SPOILERS]

For any of you who have just watched the cinematic, is it just me or does Anduin sound almost exactly like Arthas from WC3 before he merged with Ner’zhul when speaking to the (late?) Archon Kyrestia the Firstborne?

I wonder if he’s somehow been bonded to Anduin by the Jailor through that blade.
If not fully then some part of Arthas at least?

It seems to me that we have yet another villain whose entire motivation is “I will show them…I WILL SHOW THEM ALL! MWA HA HAHAHAHA!”

But yes, they stuffed Arthas’ soul into him because that’s “cool”, and makes things “interesting”.

And here I thought that they couldn’t get worse than the WoD ending cinematic.


Archon Uther.
Primus Mograine.
Winter Queen Ysera.
Sire Kael’Thas.

Wonder how many of them I got wrong, but suuuure, let’s have Azeroth characters take over another domain. Because she’s “the” Titan, or something.


Oh god, that would be pretty Blizzard… Renethal made it pretty clear that there was to be no more Sires, though, so with one covenant out, going for the rest seems less probable. Well, if they care what they said 5 minutes ago, that is.

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I see no reasons to do this.

  1. Kyrestia was blinded by arrogance anyway, adjusting the Bastion ideology and leadership might not be too bad.
  2. Why would we need the new Primus? He’s presumably alive, just currently lost. He’s very likely the Runecarver.
  3. After the Jailer just walked in and killed the Archon, I highly doubt we would let something like that happen to the Winter Queen.
  4. Renathal said there would be no more Sires, so yeah.

I don’t think it’s impossible, but I highly doubt it will happen.

Draka. She is the “key” here 'member?

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Ah, but of course.

Well, the Archon had it coming. Good job lich boy :clap:

Archon will most likely return shes probably not dead if you don’t see a body their not dead

The Q&A confirmed she survived.


What why? She was useless af. Imagine having wings and not flying away when you’re attacked.
But I guess they couldn’t taint the Golden Boy with the kill when he will inevitably be restored to Mr Perfect at the end of the expansion… :yawning_face:


And she will continue to be so.

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Yeah, that bit is almost surely coming, as they also confirmed that Anduin is very much still there.

He pretty much had to. This story is not about Anduin learning something, because he is already perfect. A real character arc could only hurt the cause of promoting the values he stands for. That’s why this arc is all about Sylvanas learning from him.


10/10 storytelling, right? If I still cared about the story I would probably be disgusted, but luckily I’m way past this point and can only laugh about it now.

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To be honest, I’m not sure if I’d want Anduin to change through said story. Or any in fact.

For full disclosure, I do think that the story should handle him differently, because otherwise he becomes a cancer for any plot he touches.
But I wouldn’t want this one to “change” him for two reasons mainly:

  1. Doubling down on an Arthas lite arch, is cheap, lazy, and reeks of creativity lacking.

  2. Anduin isn’t really that bad as standalone agent. The issue with him is how the rest of the setting reacts (and warps), to fit with his persona. I have zero problems with idealistic stupidity, or with naive peacemongering…for as long as it causes the natural drawbacks derived from such approaches instead of magically making the entire world shift with him to make him be in the right.
    Anduin can behave as an insufferable piece of white bread all he wants. But this should open him to get slapped from time to time by someone less inclined to put up with his crap.
    And have him adjust said mindset accordingly, and organically. Not because some death god has possessed him.


Disappointing, I was hoping she would be dead. Such an uninteresting character…

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TBH; I’m glad she’s still alive - maybe she can be killed off in a more meaningful way. Or even get some character development, but them is high hopes.

I’m Kyrian in game, I’ll probably end up killing her myself, out of boredom.

They really made her unlikeable. She’s distant, cold and arrogant.


The problem of the Kyrian storyline is - so was her opposition. Devos was no better. But that’s just me, I still say that among the Kyrian leaders, Chyrus is the only one actually deserving of his position.