✨ [A] <Chaos Crew> [Darksorrow] : Recruitment open : Raiders, M+ and socials

:boom: Hello, greetings and welcome! :boom:

< Chaos Crew > is looking for new members for raiding, M+, hanging out and having fun!
Our motto: No flaming, no blaming, just chilling and gaming! :partying_face:
We’re looking to revive the guild and get back into raiding and doing mythic+ runs, so if you’re looking for a chill and laid back community, where progression should be fun, hit us up!
We also have members interested in PvP if that is your jam, and if you just want to come be part of a social group, you’re welcome as well.

So far we have no raiding days :x: because as I’ve mentioned before, we’re reviving the guild. This also means you get every opportunity to help shape it and have the role you wish to have.

  • We plan to raid 2 - 3 times a week. (Like we used to do)

We need Tanks, DPS, Healers and Officers! So if you want to join a guild that you can help shape to your liking:
Hit me up: :speech_balloon:
Ingame: Zathiel-Darksorrow
Bnet: Vryxell#2693
Discord: Vryxell

Discord is a must if you wish to join the guild, as we prefer to make friends and not just be strangers on the internet. Come have fun with us and bring your friends along

Darksorrow is part of the cluster: Bladefist, Frostwhisper, Zenedar, Darksorrow, Genjuros, Neptulon (Though this is soon irrelevant)

Q & A

Q. What is the amount of players for the guild overall and for the raid team are you aiming to have max?
A. We need a full raid team as minimum, but we also don’t want to get too big, so a maximum of 100 individual active players (not counting alt characters).

Q. How do you plan on handling loot in regards to a current season and when a new tier is released?
A. We usually went with if the one who gets it can use it, they keep it, otherwise we roll for it, and winner decides if they wanna keep it or give it to someone else.

Q. Out of the people you have atm what classes/specs do you have?
A. Nothing worth noting, honestly. We do have a DH who can either tank or dps. We also have two hunters, where one of them also has a rogue, and we have a monk/DK.

Q. Is the plan for the guild to be AOTC or CE focused with regards to raids?
A. If possible we’d like to be AOTC, but the main goal will always be to have fun. Progression is important, and should be a priority, but it should never be more important than having fun. It’s a game.

Q. For mythic+ is there interest/plans on pushing/ improving in that?
A. Pushing keys is always fun and something we enjoy. Would be awesome to set up some M+ teams. So yes, the goal is to push keys!

Q. What system do you have for people who end up being jerks/toxic/drama focused?
A. A maximum of 3 warnings are given, depending on severity of whatever happened. I already have 2 kids and a fulltime job, I don’t wanna deal with BS drama in my guild.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask either here or contact me directly! I can’t wait to hear from you!