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Thank you so much Ercia! We look forward to RPing with you guys again during [Campaign A/H/N] The Crimson Compass - Campaign Over! - #140 by Beloran-argent-dawn! ^^

We’ve enjoyed the Crimson Compass campaign, and for now remaining at Feathermoon until duty calls the Nightblades elsewhere. What would Astrahe (February) bring?

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Best Kaldorei guild around. Keep the good work guys!


Thank you, Talfran! It’s been great having you around so far as well! :smiley:

Thank you! <3

On a slightly different note…

Elune’adore shan’are,

Astrahe is upon us and with it comes the Lunar Festival. Traditionally, it is a time of rememberance and peace. A time when we remember our heroes of old and our beloved Ancestors. Peace might be a tall order this year, but I still pray that all of you will find a moment of calm and tranquility sometime this moon. A moment to reflect and remember. A moment to breathe, before we are plunged head-first into the storm of war once again.

I also wish to take a moment to commend you all for your valiant efforts in ridding our shores of the undead menace that plauged them not so very long ago. I regret that I was not able to fight alongside you for most of that time, but do know that I am very proud of you all for defending our home so fiercely. We will be headed back into war soon enough and I am sure it is a great comfort for our people to know that they are protected by such loyal and devoted kin. The Goddess shines her blessings upon you, my sisters and brothers. We are kaldorei, and we will brook no threat to our lands, our people and our Goddess!

Anar’alla Elune,
Tinwëtar Ravenmist

Our newsletter for February is up on our website! Check it out to see what we will be up to this month! http://nightbladesentinels.clanwebsite.com/newspost/108880

Due to a sudden influx in new applicants recruitment is now CLOSED so that we can take the time to get to know them. :slight_smile:


I may no longer be around, but I merely wish to say. This guild was the best guild I ever joined on my dearest Sinrall. The people, are absolutely wonderful. Whilst I may no longer actively be around in WoW. I can happily suggest the guild to any Kaldorei Rp’er.

And to those who remain, or those who join. Remember to give my favourite Ravenmist her daily dose of chocolate.

Really hope things are going well for you guys, I really do.

  • From an old, slightly insane, friendo <3

This guild provides a really accurate kaldorei-focused experience, from battle campaigns to rituals and festivities. I’ve been with them since September and I’ve had lots of fun in every campaign and event. All the members are really nice and helpful people too, which makes it even better and a welcoming place to stay.

I would recommend any kaldorei character to come hang out with us some time, especially if their focus is on kaldorei culture and, of course, military RP. Come meet the Nightblades!

Ande’thoras ethil!

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After a harrowing campaign in Stonetalon and Ashenvale, the Nightblades have returned to Feathermoon to rest and recuperate before we head out on our next adventure. Do not be shy to come and say hi to us if you are in the area. ^^

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A group of people that have (by my reckoning) that have always represented some of the best AD has to offer in terms of RP.

Not only that, they are a guild that stick in my mind through their efforts to include others in RP, new and old RPers alike!

In summary, lovely people from all I have witnessed!

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Thank you so much for the kind words, Lexith! :heart:

On a different note, tomorrow, the Nightblades will head off on a new campaign that will see us going into Silithus and Uldum. Strange things are afoot…

That video is so awesome!

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Thank you so much! I am glad you like it! A lot of time and effort went into it and many orcs had to die over and over due to the many, many retakes. ^^

It was SO MUCH FUN to be a part of, should be said. Even if flying in formation was a proper struggle ^^

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A wonderful bunch of people, and as mentioned earlier indeed some of the best AD have to offer. Only had positive experiences with them!

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Thank you so much for the lovely endoresement, Sylendril! You should come and RP with us again sometime soon! :heart:

I have only met a few of you so far, but what little interaction I have had has been lovely. Back to the top with you! ^^


After a grueling month of sand, Pygmies, tribal diplomacy and of course…the Horde. The Nightblades have finally returned to Feathermoon Stronghold after successfully completing their mission that spanned Silithus and Uldum.

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⸰☽ From the Ashes ☾⸰

We know that many of you have been concerned that we haven’t been doing enough to assist the war effort in the northern part of Kalimor. Fear not. We have heard your pleas and we present to you the next Nightblade campaign: From the Ashes!

The guild will be travelling by boat to Stormwind to aid the refugees trying to reclaim their lives in the wake of the War of the Thorns and the Burning of Teldrassil. Our mission is to establish a more comfortable and “homey” place for the refugees. A mini-Darnassus within the confines of Stormwind.

⸰☽ Night Care Centre ☾⸰
Everyone will have a role to play in this new endeavour. For example, Acolytes Winterstar, Lunarglade and Moonseeker will work to establish a night care centre for the kaldorei children. This will be a place where the children can be raised in the true communal spirit of an actual Kaldorei village. Our young Priestesses will be in charge of overseeing their care and education.

Druid Astralarius will also be helping out at the night care centre, acting as a big, fluffy live plushie and provide entertainment for the littlest ones. Huntress Kathene will spend a few hours each night reading stories to the children at the centre, the rest of her time will be spent organizing the supplies and structure of the refugee camp.

⸰☽ Healing Clinic and Safety ☾⸰
Priestesses Moonglow and Oathkeeper will build a small healing clinic where they can work to nurse the unfortunate souls in the refugee camp back to health. To discourage bad behavior and to make sure the lines are proper, Priestess Wingblade will act as a bodyguard for the two Priestesses working inside.

Safety for the refugees is paramount as well, especially as the humans will, undoubtedly, be none too happy with the Kaldorei making themselves comfortable inside their city. Because of this, we will be putting Sentinels Nightborne, Sagewing and Rosesky in charge of security and in charge of training new Sentinels that can help protect the refugee camp.

⸰☽ Temple Services ☾⸰
As we are in Stormwind by divine decree and are trying to replicate an authentic kaldorei experience for our wayward kin, we will also need to feed their spirituality. The faith in Elune has been wavering steadily since the Blood War started and we cannot let that stand. As we are the Goddess’ servants, we will work to establish a shrine in lieu of a proper Temple where we can guide the refugees back to Mother Moon and Her light. We do not want any more kaldorei Dark Rangers, now do we? Commander Ravenmist, assisted by Priestess Moonsteel, will be in charge of this.

⸰☽ The Nightblade Soup Kitchen ☾⸰
But the refugees will not last long without food, which is why our primary goal with this mission is to establish a soup kitchen! Captain Glaivestar, assisted by Regiment Chef Starsinger and our Draenei ally Danielle, will be in charge of the cooking and the distribution of food to our charges. Druid Telrenya will help the refugees work their farms and plant rice fields, thus providing a base for the soups we will be making.

Sentinel Seagazer, with the aid of Outrunners Bladeshadow and Valestalker, will be in charge of hunting and providing fresh meat for the soup kitchen. The Redridge Mountains are said to be infested by giant spiders that will make an excellent addition to the soup and it will surely make the refugees feel right at home.

⸰☽ Side Missions ☾⸰
As a side mission, we will be sending Sentinels into Duskwood to aid the citizens of Darkshire with their Worgen problem. We are hoping to enlist the aid of Captain Markus Brunswick to help us deal with this. He will know how to keep the woofers under control. We will also head to Westfall in a bid to establish ourselves at the aptly named “Sentinel Hill”. Though, we will have to be careful about the Human Homeless Brigade. They will, of course, have to go if we are to expand the borders of our refugee camp over there.

The campaign will start at around mid-May and last for as long as is needed to establish ourselves in Stormwind. Let us all come together and do what we can to turn the Eastern Kingdoms into a proper home for the Kaldorei!

⸰☽ Anar'alla Elune! ☾⸰


Hey, it’s a nice event for Refugees and seems very epic! i suggest to have an eye on Greenwarden’s grove in Wetlands for it, as it may have good potential for RPing n elves in Eastern Kingdoms and housing refugees there :slight_smile:

Good luck, for elune!


As always great initiative and idea. It is always a pleasure to see you folks around and promoting some Kaldorei rp (Elune knows the Eastern Kingdoms need all the help it can get :slight_smile: )


Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you and reveal that the above post was this year’s April Fools joke from us in the Nightblades. We will not be going to Stormwind to create a new mini-Darnassus…at least not yet. Who knows what the future might bring? ^^