⸰☽ The Nightblade Sentinels ☾⸰ - Sentinels of the New Moon 🌙

“Vigilance, selflessness, devotion, bravery, and discipline.
Those words are our creed, Nightblades. Each one of you has been chosen to answer a calling - the highest calling. There is no greater purpose than to serve our Goddess, our Mother, Elune, and be the glaive that is wielded in protection of our people.
Tor ilisar’thera’nal!”

The Nightblade Sentinels is a cadre of Sentinels that adhere to traditional kaldorei values and practices. They live to serve the Goddess and her people, primarily as protectors and as an instrument of vengeance against the foes of the Kaldorei. They are a small and mobile unit, made up of mostly female, elite Sentinels, scouts and Priestesses. They also allow druids of both genders to join the cadre as an auxiliary force, provided that they are comfortable with abiding by the military structuring. Exceptional, non-sentinel, kaldorei individuals of both genders might be allowed to join as auxiliaries as well after a trial period. Male Sentinels are accepted on a case by case basis.

Silverwing Outpost in Ashenvale serves as the current home base of the Nightblades, but this does not mean that they are bound to just one territory. The cadre will deal with threats both domestic and abroad and will have to be ready to travel anywhere at a moment’s notice. But no matter where they go, it is always in service of the Goddess and in protection of her people.

Type of guild: Religious Sentinel Guild
# of events: 2-4 per week
Application Process: Application form sent via the website is required
Guild Mediums: Website, discord, Argent Archives
Officers: Tínwëtar, Káthene, Aariam

As a kaldorei and casually military-themed heavy role-play guild, we try to maintain a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles in our events and general roleplay. The Nightblades also have a very strong religious theme and we do try to incorporate the cadre’s fervent belief in the Goddess into our general RP in numerous ways and events. We like new applicants to be enthusiastic and show a willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme.

What we are looking for
:white_check_mark: Active participants who engage with the guild stories and help generate RP in general.
:white_check_mark: Players who seek to get to know the characters and players already present in the guild.
:white_check_mark: Night elves ONLY. No other races are permitted to join the regiment.
:white_check_mark: Female Sentinels/Priestesses. Druids and auxiliaries can be of either gender. Male, non-druid auxiliaries who wish to join have to go through a fairly lengthy trial period first.
:white_check_mark: Elves that are culturally considered adults (around 300 years and above). If you are seeking to be accepted as a trainee instead of a regular Sentinel, this rule does not apply.
:white_check_mark: Mature roleplayers that are well read on the lore, especially that of the kaldorei.
:white_check_mark: Well mannered, helpful, friendly and patient players.
:white_check_mark: Willingness to work through OOC issues in a mature manner.

We do not accept
:x: Inactive players
:x: Alts that are inactive or only played sporadically
:x: Evil, chaotic or corrupted characters (such as Demon Hunters or Death Knights)
:x: Mages
:x: Unprofessional hairstyles (pigtails and cupcake buns).

So, you’ve decided you want to join us? Great! We’d be happy to have you! Our recruitment process is as follows:

  • Make an application via our website.
  • Come and seek us out in game! Come join us in RP, both casual and events. Before we set up an interview, we’d like to see a bit of you in RP to determine how/if you’ll fit in with us.
  • Once we have seen that you are active in RP and are making an effort to get to know us, we will invite you to an IC interview.


Guild Q&A
Guild Rules
Argent Archives

Why won’t you accept male Sentinels into the guild?

While males have been allowed entry into the Sentinels for the past 10 years or so you need to keep in mind that the Sentinels have been, up until that point, an all-female organization for several millennia. Most of the females serving in the Sentinels have trained for centuries, some even for thousands of years, and while there have always been male kaldorei warriors they might not necessarily have undergone the same rigorous training as a female Sentinel. So in this case it is a strategic choice. The Nightblade Sentinels are an elite branch of the kaldorei army and as such they would only accept the best of the best into their ranks.

It is also a conservative choice, but to us it makes sense that the Nightblade Sentinels would choose what they know best and trust over something they are not entirely sure of. Night elves are a long lived race and it might take longer for some of them to get used to new concepts. But in regards to that, we -do- allow males to join us as auxiliaries, provided they pass the trial period first.

We understand that for some this is a touchy subject and that everyone will have their own views upon it, due to the limited amount of information there is to be found in regards to it. We also understand that we cannot please everyone and we make no claims to do so. This is a niche RP guild, and we represent the views of a very particular group within kaldorei society, and if you want something a little wider for your character, then perhaps the Nightblade Sentinels are not for you.

Why do you allow female druids to join you then? That is not very traditionalist or conservative?

In the case of druids, they are with the Nightblades as Auxiliaries. The Cenarion Circle is its own entity with its own rules for who is allowed entry and the Sentinels have no say in that. So, if the Cenarion Circle deems it fit to accept a female druid into their ranks, we will allow her to join since we trust the judgement of the Circle and we wish to maintain a good working relationship between the two organizations.

It could also be argued that female druids have possibly existed for a longer time than male Sentinels, since they could have received their training outside of the Circle. But, those cases, if any, are exceptional and extremely rare.

Do you have a uniform requirement?

Yes, we do. Like most military regiments we do have a formal uniform, which consists of a cloth set that will be given to you upon joining the Nightblades. In combat-oriented events all our members must wear our tabard and we also ask everyone to wear gear and mogs that fit the Nightblade color scheme of black, grey and dark blue. Druids are allowed to wear dark brown as well. There are examples of combat uniforms on our website to be inspired by!


I just wanted to ask something, as i am curious and interested!

And don’t take it as an attack, i really want to know.

Why not unproffesional hairstyles?

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No offense taken. ^^ But to answer your question; we are a Sentinel guild, not a cheerleading squad. Thus we feel that the pigtails and the cupcake buns are not quite fitting for the professional and formal impression that we wish to make. Consider it part of the uniform requirement, if you will. :slight_smile:



I know poo about rp, but that makes sense!

Gl with recruiting.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen you guys in quite some time. Did you take a break?

Nope! We have been around and active for over two years now actually. We’ve recently been to Val’sharah and will head back to Kalimdor to partake in the upcoming Crimson Compass server campaign. ^^


Come join us! Extra points for ponytails.


I would most likely be lynched if someone like me would to come down and joined a group of sentinels.

Will I get extra points for dreadlocks?


It’s 4 A.M and I should go to bed but I don’t care these guys are really good. A lot of effort goes into their roleplay and they’re very welcoming! Be sure to check them out if night elf & sentinel roleplay is what you’re into. Or don’t, it’s up to you. Free country, etc.


The Nightblades have the very best tea in Feathermoon! Oh, they are fantastic Sentinels too!


Thank you so much for the endorsement, Saleysea! :heart:

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A very good, committed guild of RPers; you don’t last that long without having both of those traits. I’ve enjoyed pretty much every interaction I’ve had with the guild, in my time bumming around as an elf so far.

While I know at this point the horse has probably been beaten so badly it’s turned into glue, I think this rule needs to be genuinely revisited. As we all know, sentinels have included male members for years now and it is firmly enshrined in lore.

The traditional thematic approach in this regard falls away a little considering the pragmatic nature of the Night Elves in a current sense, with the race putting aside old and restrictive traditions, and that female druids are permitted into the guild.

That being said, this criticism doesn’t detract from the high quality and time invested into this guild. I just feel it’s missing a trick.


Can definitely recommend these guys. Very friendly and welcoming bunch IC and OOC with great RP, events and characters lead by an extremely kind and dedicated guild master. Anyone who is up for some good old military and Kaldorei RP should give them a chance!

Also love the introduction video! Great work.

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I quietly admit that my criticism is partly levelled because I would strongly consider joining if they allowed male sentinels.


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Hi Lóras, great to hear that you have enjoyed interacting with us! You do bring up a point that has been discussed quite a lot and by many and I understand that it will always be a bit of a hot topic, especially considering the Kaldorei’s current predicament. This is why we have added the FAQ section to the main post, with answers to why male sentinels are not allowed and why female druids are.

However, I am not completely unreasonable. I could be persuaded to allow a male sentinel to join, provided that he joins as an auxiliary -first- and then perhaps he might be allowed to join the ranks of the Sentinels. It would mean a much longer progress path for said male though, but that is a compromise I am willing to consider for the right individual. I hope this answers your question?

Thank you so much for your kind words, Theliste! Great to hear that you liked our intro video as well! :heart:

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I did read it, so I hope you don’t think I was just jumping in without any forethought.

While I admit that this isn’t exactly my ideal, it’s good that you’re willing to compromise and it’s not an unfair take to have on the topic.

Keep up the good work, regardless. :ok_hand:

No, no. I didn’t think that. Not to worry. ^^

To me, RP is a collaborative sport. A lot of the time it is about compromise and a give and take. I have my ideals and someone else will have theirs, having the ability to try to meet somewhat in the middle when those ideals do not align helps alleviate both stress and drama I feel. So yes, if the point brought up is reasonable and offers progression and interesting RP of some kind, I am always willing to compromise. ^^

I recommend giving this guild a go if you’re looking for some militant night elf related roleplay. I’ve had some pleasant and memorable events through my interactions with them and hope to continue having many more. Fun roleplay to be had!