𓀃 Not Dead Yet 𓀃 - Far from Dead and Actively Recruiting!

𓀃 Not Dead Yet 𓀃 a vanilla raiding guild (Gruul’s Lair 2/2 & Karazhan 10/11) has returned and is actively recruiting for more awesome people to join its ranks! We strive to maintain a friendly, inclusive, helpful environment with a very active discord and raiding nights on Thursday and Sunday initiating approximately around 20:00 CEST.
Furthermore, currently we are working on establishing an overall active community within the guild in order to proceed with Maggie’s lair and tier5 raiding content. We are currently looking for shammy & druid healers but any class/role is more than welcome to pm us (me or Roken/Altair in-game) for more info.

P.S. Our discord server: https://discord.gg/cxkQpFDP

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