🌷 Something WoW Related That Made You Smile Today (Part 1)

Multiboxers are getting their rightful long overdue bans. If they persist…

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Tab-IK oneshoting ppl in temple of hotmogu brawl.
Its so riddiculous in this preparch, it will make you smile.

My guild got two new members, and my GM finally unlocked his +15 neon bear artifact tint, which made him super happy. I’m very glad that they’re all doing great and having fun together. They’re awesome people, and deserve to be happy. I look forward to having fun with them once I can play WoW again. They make me happy.




Eye of sulfuras dropped :slight_smile:


I managed to get a 91k crit heal in a bg on holypriest. That was fun.

Mulgore is BiS, the music brings back so many memories.

Also, it’s the home of the tauren and as we all know the tauren is the only acceptable horde race.


Trolls might have a problem with that, lil buddy.

This :))))

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I work from Home.
Currently my systems are not working.
IT is still trying to fix the issue two days in

Currently getting payed to play games.
The IT issue is not on my end so its not my fault :slight_smile:


My little garden in Halfhill. Im so proud!


All these peoples hopes and dreams about to get crushed by rng (including mine:D).



There are 5 WB mounts in the game and after years of farming I still have 0. Blizzardddddddddddddddd :rage:


Going to the gym always makes me happy. I just hope they will not be closed again. Game related - banning of multiboxers.

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Getting a sweet Corgi BattlePet from Anniversary :heart:

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Same as many other posters, multi-boxers getting knocked down a peg.


It’s the do four Mythic dungeons weekly quest this week \o/

My local grocery store starting selling the noodles I really like again! So I bought around 20 packs just incase :partying_face:


Well I hit 50 on my 4th alt since pre-patch juuuust before my lunch was ready. Timing. :sunglasses:

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Got stupidly lucky with weekly chest! 4 weeks+ no upgrade on 5 charas (they are 132 ilvl and need 1 item each 130+, so is rare they would get one). 4 of them got the final piece, 2x BiS 135 azerite. Rogue finally got gis BiS ring. And DK a good wrist. Few other charas got nice items too, typically it’s pointless and 3 weeks before SL. But finally the loot gods have paid out.

Monk I started recently went up 8 ilvls too, just from 1x 15 key. Was pretty easy to tank aswell at 90ilvl.

I got an upgrade from the weekly quest on my alt

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