🎭 GD Chat Room (Part 1)

For all the Italians out there!!



Also dwarfs probably, since they speak Scottish.

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i walked 145487 kilometers this week

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The joke goes: Finnish summers are less snowy than winters.

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Is season 2 confirmed 2026? I also hope not.

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yes very nice! i also bought fallout 3 but unfortunately on pmy pc it doesnt work :frowning:

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For exercise, during work, or…?

he arrived at the tannhauser gate

Doesn’t ring a bell :thinking:. I’m rather uncultured.


here it is :slight_smile:


work is for testing the limits of strength and petulance… if you ask me personally

no i just walked that much because i can… funny story actually … few years ago i started running for no particular reason… so i ran to the end of the road … and when i got there i thought maybe id run to the end of town… and when i got there i thought maybe id just run across Somerset County and i figured … since i run this far maybe id just run across the united kingdom… and thats what i did

i ran clear across england… for no particular reason i just kept on going… i ran clear to the ocean… and when i got there i figured since id gone this far i might as well turn around and just keep on going… when i got to another ocean i figured since id gone this far i might as well just turn back keep right on going…

when i got tired i slept… when i got hungry i ate … when i had to go, you know… i went

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Today’s lunch outing


ngl that sounds impressive

i once swan the channel with nothing but a tuna baguette and a can of lilt

ofc when i got to dover everyone was truly impressed and gave me a party in the local burger king and i even got a crown

best night of my life if you ask me personally, going back next week to get their number

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My prayers have been heard.

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Thinking those deep fried banana ice cream desserts now some asian places serve :yum:

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My couple of hours at tje funfair with my not so young kids… tap on image for few more pics

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Looks good, also alot less snow than in Finland. :joy:

Actually looks like spring fun with soda and popcorn at carnival. :carousel_horse: :ferris_wheel: :popcorn:

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Fear me hooman 角蛙 :frog: 抓狂的叫聲 Horned frog :frog:crying like crazy


Piano Cat

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