🔥 War Within - Dead even before it came out

I really couldn’t care less about it.
I’ll just play what I find aesthetically pleasing and what makes me happy.

I got old, tired and burned out of chasing gear and high end content. Now? I just wanna enjoy, watch the pretty spells and collect mogs and mounts that I can achieve.

That said…
There will always be meta, so players will be pushed into a very narrow mind-set where no matter what you’ll have to play X over Y because 0.1% damage increase.


Stop crying they are reworking it, also there are plenty of people who enjoy the idea of supports as much as it hurts high end level of play.

But srsly before this thread was made they stated that they would rework it, if you don’t bother to inform yourself about the current situation you have no right to complain like you know whats happening, not being informed isn’t an exccuse for you to whine.

There are many things that can and should be critiqued but as far as I’m concerned the only people that complain don’t know what they are complaining about, especially when it comes to hero talents and the future expansion. Like of all the things to complain about you chose the one thing you are factually wrong on, impressive.

It’s not, this is just the average doomsayer when anything gets released about a new expansion that they slightly dislike, so now this tiny part of one of many features supposedly speak for the entirety of the next expansions content.

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As long as it has versatility in soloable activities and good casual content it will do well.

reworking what ? they dont rework quest lines that are broken, they dont reworked buggs, they do not rework some glitches … they only rework asthetics looks and thats all they do…

It often feels like that.

No they are reworking the oracle tree, again, takes two seconds to look it up.

Factually wrong but hey you do you, if you wanna tell yourself that you can.

I would love to see what you mean by this cause I genuinely cant think of an example. I’m not being sarcastic, genuinely can’t remmeber when this might’ve been, please let me know an instance where that happened. Cause then your argument could have some backing to it.

I kind of admire you even engaging with that nonsense in a serious way. :sweat_smile:
The way I deal with it? ‘Haters gonna hate’. :person_shrugging:

I appreciate it. :smile:

Haters don’t come from nowhere, something is bothering them and if it’s in game perhaps I can help and the only way to tell is to engage them and see if there’s some truth to the claims, otherwise maybe we are missinformed to not see what they do. But sometimes it is for no reason and when that’s the case it’s best to just let them do there thing and vent i suppose.

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Yes. Logic will always beat ignorance or irrationality.

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Stop posting on that imposter character. Stop hiding. Just… Stop.

Ahh I see he still haunts you, I count myself lucky to not have this issue

I suppose I should just feel flattered. What’s that saying…
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

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That is how the saying goes yes

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Doesnot look same to me .dont know why you are parroting wrong notions about the new expansion

Oh great someone necro-ed this, I have been dying to comment on this one.

No, Hero Specs/Talents are nothing like covenants. Hero specs are purely a gameplay thing. They literally have the same aesthetic impact as choice talents (Cataclysm vs Inferno). Unlike covenants that litearally locked you out of content (If you were NE you couldn’t do the Kyrian campaing unless you went into a 2 week thing to change), they do not lock you out of collectibles such as mounts, mogs etc., and you are not locked into them, you can swap them out whenever just like our current talents. No doubt something will be meta, but you can freely change, go meta for your progression and/or push and then change back if your so concerned, hell once you are done with your progress you can just be off meta all you want for farm.

The only negative thing about HTs is that they used some very popular names and people got their hopes up, even though Blizzard literally said right after the announcement to temper your expectations and that these are going to be purely talent choices. And because someone went on a tangent about DKs and San’layn, Priest literally have a talent called San’layn, and we all (hopefully) know how much any Priest spec has in common with undead, vampire elves.

Also I was there during the whole covenant fiasco pre and during SL. Hell OP we were on the same side back then and I remember you having reasonabler arguments, kinda disappointed that you don’t see how different one system is from the other.

PS Anduin is a priest that should have rerolled to a paladin.

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gave you the game to play?

wich game?

imo lately its just rehashed content, unoriginal, has nothing to do with the lore anymore and proves they dont learn or do anything with feedback given.

why do i still play it, memories i guess, hoping one day they learn. even tho i know they never will.

They did say they would rework Oracle.

But they should not have even tried to do something like that in the first place. Not after the million complaints about Aug, nor, the million complaints about PI since its very inception.

Hurts the high end level of play? It hurts EVERY level of play. If there are still enjoyers out there, then its like arguing with flat earthers. If S2 did not show them anything, then nothing I say will change their minds.

People constantly complain about every single thing, just because you and jo from your guild don’t like Aug doesn’t mean that Aug is objectively bad or overwhelming majority of people hate implementation.

Im a bit tired of repeating why Aug was, and still is a really disruptive spec…

But its not about me and Jo… Its S2 of DF. You want that in M+? You think THAT is a “good consequence” of having a support spec?

You cant balance it. Its impossible.

Why though? Cats already out of the bag with support specs, it’s either embrace it and turn dungeons into 6-mans/ turn dungeon meta into 1/1/1/2, or completely remove them. I assume you would opt for the “completely remove” option buuut consider that people to this day even after the so called “aug fiasco” are begging for a bard class, stopping the support spec experiment will crush all hopes for such a class.

And lets be real here we all knew that introducing a support spec would completely destroy the meta, but still long before Aug was even a concept many and I mean many people were advocating for the introduction to support specs, from WF raiders to youtubers to streamers to reditors to forum posters.

You balance it by introducing more support specs for other classes, it’s like trying to balance a Healer to a Tank, both roles have specific functions they need to fulfill in a group. Imagine if Resto shaman was the only spec in the game that could heal, then “Healers” would be hurting every aspect of the game. Aug was the experiment, more will be probably added later. As I see it the reason why it hurts the game and the mistake Blizzard made was that they introduced just 1 sup spec, if they had released like 3-4 sup specs all at once we would be seeing a more nuanced situation.