1 million gold legendary axe cost gg blizz

We will see the axe very likely over time. That’s kind of the point

It shouldn’t be either hard to get it or expensive. Not both

You get them from ores and herbs.

No it isnt. Classes are never balanced around item what only few will get.

Totally free would be good, why wouldn’t you want that? The majority of legendaries in the game have been free, with a handful requiring materials. But making a quest where the material farm is bordering on comical, you can only just assume this is just another pay to win item to incentivise gold buying, and will be widely paid for this way.

In the end it’s hard to have integrity in a game where you can buy gold, the moment you see an unreasonable grind that can be bypassed by gold, what else are you going to think? For example nothing stops them designing an item that requires great effort but cannot be bypassed in some way with gold, but they didn’t do that.

It costs 0 gold 0 man the mats are nothing if u play the game immo, i have all mats in my bank i can create 2 legendaries even. I mean

There are usually 2 types of games:

  1. Low drop, non binding gear that can be sold for a currency on the free market (usually gold or other money types)

  2. Higher drops, no trading; other weird currency types that are used for whatever else

now WoW turns more and more into a hybrid.
You get low drops and then you have to pay lots of gold as well?

I cba about the legendary as I will never bother to get it, but it is the same as the crafting crap.
Because professions are a disaster to level up and some recipes are super expensive (hi, lariat?) the crafting costs are insane as well. Crafting often cost 10k+ gold on top of the mats you bought or farmed already (which are also time gated!).

all this is done to increase token sales anyways.
Doing high content gives literally 0 gold. And who enjoys farming gold?

Gold is thrown at you … as I have said, if you don’t want, don’t do, very easy! No one is forcing you, or, like I have also said : gather the mats yourself whilst attempting to get it drop.

You are not forced to buy it all.

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What i see sofar, warriors and paladins doing well without it. Not sure about dk.

Seeing a legendary item regularly sort of defeats the purpose of it being legendary.

Begorrah, the amount of crying on here is something else. Just farm the bloody mats yourselves ye greetin-faced wee nyaffs


Resonant crystal/cobra skin etc? :joy:
The materials now are like 2x price then before patch, people should chill a bit. It will go down. The prices are high not because of the axe…

And anyways, this shouldn’t cost this much, it’s ridiculous

It has bad luck protection, most who raids will probably see it.
As with the evoker legendary which was everywhere.

y more copium please

thanks a lot, one of the only ppl here with a brain

“You will likely never see it” What exactly they don’t understand in “bad luck protection” ? The objective is obviously that all 2H wielders will eventually get it, or they would not bother implementing a bad luck protection in the first place.

ah yeah good old artifact power grinding, such a delight, great memories. We should have to farm azerite for it too, it would be great fun

you already have to drop it in the raid, do you have to grind 500k gold when you get your BiS staff in raid bro ? My main is a DK, why do I have to grind 500k-1M gold to be below an average dh ? while all you have to do guys is drop the item or get it in your vault without further investment

what you’re saying is plain wrong. Of course classes are balanced around BiS gear, because eventually a lot of people will have it, and so if you’re one of the few who doesn’t you’re srewed. Didn’t you hear about the puzzle box for UH DK in S1 ? it’s exactly proving you wrong

Same here. It appears to be a repost as when I read It 2 days ago I went to AH to check prices. So far the cost of the mats seem pretty stable to me. Have not noticed any large spikes or increases.


There are no spikes as AH is over-flooded. It’s the case of wow players imagining things (color me surprised) because of the random nonsense comment on the internet.