1 million gold legendary axe cost gg blizz

Thanks a lot blizzard for this design, more than 1 million gold for an item with a super low drop rate, will inflate the AH for everyone once ppl start to drop it, even ppl who can’t drop the axe. Next time make it cost 5000 Awakened Orders and 10000 Zaralek spore so it feels even more legendary… GG Blizz

edit : can’t wait to see the same message like naszuro in the chat while watching the price of the mats skyrocket for all eu. Bad luck protection + a ton of mats necessary, drop rate will accelerate more and more with the bad luck protection, and the inflation will speed up too. Inflation in real life + inflation in game welcome to your best rpg


I don’t understand why people are so fixated on one item. Just play the game ffs. Who actually cares about an axe that you will most likely never see.


Just gather mats whilst attempting to get it drop….? Most of its farmable or passively earned through doing the current content… like come on. Yeah if you buy it all now it will cost. What do you expect?? Totally free??

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Btw price is now inflated cause of people speculating and some weird mats.

Price will be way lower, close to 200-300k, or 1-2 weeks of farming mats.

Ya it was same with evoker legendary too :joy: they want u to buy token.
What are the materials?


Yeah, why not? It’s not like it’s 100% drop chance? It should be max 100k

when all strg melee are tuned around this weapon no wonder they are super angry it will cost them 2.5 token to craft one :slight_smile:


so just 1 token then - so resonable indeed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Because ‘people’ wanted it to be a grind, the same ‘people’ wanted it to use professions etc again. You can literally farm all the mats yourself bar maybe the essences

Well if you don’t take part in the game’s economy, you won’t have gold. But as people said, you can farm the mats yourself and pretend you’re grinding artifact power.

Is this a repost? Swear I saw this the other day.


Its already a grind? You can’t just get it without an effort.

There are 4.2 mil zaralek spores in AH /150 = 28k legendary weapons. I doubt that demand will push price of materials significantly.

I wish alteast i could work on it.

Again only a few class/spec can have fun, rest got middle finger.

Isn’t it the other way around though? Their classes were balanced around having the legendary while everyone else is performing at their optimum without it.


Zaralek spores farming is literally something what bots are doing, would never advice anyone do that…

A grind once you’re on the quest or obtaining the item? If you don’t want, don’t do :man_shrugging:t2:


maybe thats the way. new special items with huge mats grind. but then it would be nice if i just can buy the recipe

Because classes and their power is designed around these things.

Cause it’s a sick wep for arms and retris probably.