1 week and now they are here the gold sellers!


The game have been out 1 week and 2 days and now they are here the fkn gold sellers. I hope blizz are going to do something about them. Cause them are in my eyes destroying the game!


Hmm where did you see them? On Trade chat? I havent seen any messages from any gold sellers yet.


If you see any goldsellers, remember to report them. Just right click on their name and report them for “Spamming”. Doesn’t fix the issue outright, but it should help Blizzard find goldsellers more easily.


they are sending inv to join there channel. i did make a screen shot, but for some reason i can post it in here, as a pic or link adress. even due u can make hyperlink


I can confirm this. I’ve been invited to a gold selling channel two times now in the last couple of days.


Yes i have gotten messages about joining some weird gold channel. :frowning: