10/10 <<Bad Company>> [A] is extending our current raid roster

Who are we?

Our guild was conceived by a group of real life friends, who knew what they wanted from classic. Ambitious raiding done in time, but in a relaxed, family-like atmosphere. This group has since launch extended, and we’re now a much larger guild who gladly help each other and explore the magic of old Classic WoW. We value quality of raids and content over logs and hardcore mentality.

Why should you join us?

You should join us if you want the authentic Classic experience without the rush of being on top in the logs. If you want to see every raid and boss done in time, but also enjoy logging on for the silly shenanigans and fun we do outside of raids. You should join if being the best geared player isn’t the reason you play. Gear will come in time, we focus on enjoyable gaming, not being the best.

What’s our raid schedule?

We raid thursday and monday 20-23 server time.
We found that a lot of guilds raid friday, and according to our philosophy about a game not taking over our lives, we don’t want to impose weekend days on anybody. We might do some fun and alt stuff in the weekends for those who desire, but main raid days are never going to happen there. In continuation of this theme, we also don’t have mandatory attendance. If you can’t join because of [Insert Reason], we don’t question it. Of course, the more stable you are, the better the chance of a spot for a raid. We just don’t want anybody to apologize for having a real life on the side.

How does loot work then if you’re so smart about gearing in time?

To start off, we want to make one thing transparantly clear; We do NOT use loot councils of any shape or form. Our philosophy is based on the old addon “Suicide Kings”.
The concept in short; we got a list of everybody, and when you want an item, the highest person on said list gets the item. Once you get an item, you move to the bottom of the list. When you join our guild, you’re automatically added to the bottom of said list. While this might sound like a strange system, we find that it distributes loot most fairly, and equally. You decide which items you want yourself, and if you really need that one thing, you can keep your place on top until it drops. This way everybody gets to decide when they’ll want to go to the bottom, and we won’t have any one member in full BiS while others wear greens.

Mr. Darcy, if I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to seduce me!

Yes. Yes we are!

What roles are you looking for then?

While we don’t like the idea of “only best performing classes”, we also have to be realistic. Our tank spots for, instance, are entirely filled up. We’ll take ya for the social and fun, but if your dream is to tank in raids, we probably aren’t for you. When that is said, we still look for both healers and DPS, and any of these are always welcome to apply. The following is a list of classses we’re short on, and would especially like to recruit:

  • 1 shadow priest
  • 1 hunter
  • Socials for the fun and random spots in raids if short on raiders

Alright, you might not have sold it entirely, but i’m guildless anywho. Where do I apply?

You can always ask anybody from the guild, especially our lovely officers:

Dinkey - At your own risk

Alternatively, if you want to go straight for joining us, you can make an application at our guild platform:


This is an extension to Discord, and a work in progress, but hit us up there if we’re offline and you just want in.

We hope to hear from you if you want the same as us!

Up, still looking for a holy pala :smiley:


We’ve managed to raid for a few solid months, and it’s honestly a joy. We’ve fostered a great core community, but unfortunately there is always those 1 or 2 people who burn out. As such, we’re now recruiting:

  • 1 warrior DPS
  • 1 holy paladin
  • 1 warlock

We hope to hear from you very soon :slight_smile:

Still recruiting for BWL

Update: We got both bindings, so join if you can burst some damage, lord knows ya won’t take aggro :smiley: