10 min BG ques to enter a losing bg

spending 10-20-30mins in a BG que only to enter a BG that’s lost cuz people leaving.

How is this still a thing?

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Because people can come and go as they please. Extend deserter buff to 3 hours and we are talking.

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Got a few times the BG last only a few seconds…

I mean there at last should be a line where nobady get a inv for a Bg that goes more then 2 min or so, if 5 people leave the should be a punish and the rest can vote for giving up like in LoL

ORE there should be a lot more conquest and Honor points for the losing team, which alone could make the situation a lot better

I have better suggestion. Make it stacking y so first one is 10 min, then 30 min, then hour and so on and it drops 1 tier per 2-3 days.
Make it account wide and only count down if you are online in game.

However this can only be good if the bgs themselves will give more reward else noone would play it. I get 400 honor per win and I need 1500 to upgrade one piece to rival.

Better to delete player account and ban him forever from any Blizzard games after 1 game he quit.


Would cure my wow addiction

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