10.0 Monk Talent Tree

Any info on them?

Ion briefly mentioned Talent trees & keeping beloved talents (or bringing old ones back) ‘nothings off the table’ apparently. Sounds pretty good for customising builds going forward.
Hopefully SotWL & FoF stun make a return. I’d like the option to talent out of xuen (though it’d be good to keep the choice, should the situ arise).

I hope we get the option to invest more in Monk utility, over raw (aoe) numbers.
Feels like Monk has lost a lot of its identity since mobility is 10 a penny. We don’t stealth, glide, shape-shift, moonwalk, have immunities, self-res or awesome cc’s (anymore).

It’s a great Class & I’m optimistic about the Talent Tree, it’s got great potential.


What I hope it to give chance to make some thinngs baseline and finally get new talents a finally options for ww. Things like WDP or ring of piece. you can look at all borrowed powers and past expansion spells and thats will be the inspiration for the talent tree they said. You can see convoke becoming a talent for druids confirmation in one of interviews for example.

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