10.1 dk changes

Already gearing my ret for 10.1

Tbh, this last season for me has been a complete waste of time. My Dk is one of those that never got puzzle box (yes I farmed AA to the point I felt physicaly sick to see that disgusting cloak as a reward either as the drop from completing or my vault reward -.-).

No COS ring still and no manic grieftorch. Yeah, really!

I can easily say, without having puzzle box at least, destroyed my chances at competing all through this season, so why bother. How Blizz can create a scenario where if you do not have one specific item, you are never going to be competitive in relation to other similar people in your class is beyond stupid.

So, 10.1 I have zero sympathy to you puzzle holders, zero empathy for UH Dk going forward. There is no way Blizz will do anything other than put us on the Buff/Nerf cycle week in week out.

The Dk will remain my so called main but only due to it having the highest achievement and completed story line. For fun and actually being able to do things like get into raids and M+, DH or ret will be my plan.

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It’s sad but very true. The puzzle box is just an introduction, as it culminates in the PI that Unholy is addicted to like a drug addict. If you don’t have Puzzle Box and you don’t have PI - you are useless, you are below or at the level of good tanks.
Addictions must be removed - this must be compensated or fairly fine-tuned.

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How is using 35 RP (45 with out talent) with a melee attack giving you 3 sec of 20% damage resistance more OP than warrior’s unlimited 20% damage resistance with a 10% damage reduction?!

I’m not a pvp guy, but everytime the DK is the one that dies first, even when I saw it in AWC.


I think the new spellwarden should have 10% reduction instead of 50% and make bloodforged 4 sec, and add a MS for frost because it’s aids without it.

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