10.1.7 Wish list

Let’s go doomers, maybe some dev who has a dk alt might read this! :crazy_face:

  • Update Defile’s visual, so it doesn’t clash with enemy floor fx and other players can actually see it…

  • Give our pets the warlock treatment, fresh ghouls & minions of all sorts for us to unlock.

  • More DK specific customizations for all races. Seems like we can’t have most of the faces in the dk specific skin tones. Different eye glow colour, it’s clear that since shadowlands there is a range of colours associated with necromancy (“maldraxus green”, red, even purple)

  • Give us the mage treatment… Consider completely removing the DnD only cleave function for both dps specs. Frost needs to see frostscythe being the play, it’s one of the most good looking abilities in the game, yet it’s useless! Unholy although defile being the main play has helped in terms of CD management, it still feels old and outdated. Consider adding new mechanics for us to use. Blood wise I don’t mind it as much as it provides a lot more benefits, and seems to also help dps concentrate their aoe in dungeons sometimes. Maybe some main blood tanks can weigh in this better than me.

I mean ideally, I’d like to see a complete overhaul for the entire class, bring it up to date with modern gameplay, make it less clunky.

Ok going to lay off the hopium pipe and pass it on to you guys.

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  1. fix defile. Its been broken since 10.0 beta.
  2. see 1) above.

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