10.2 Arms Setbonus

…looks amazing! 10chars


Its a real crap.

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What? 30% on rend and higher SD trigger + another bleed from SD + a TC triggered from SD with 100% additional damage is anything but weak. Look the crap bonuses of the past, finally this really good bonus. Rend is already Top dps in M+, imagine +30% + extra bleed (which may interact with sks) + random buffed thunderclaps with help you spread even more. Cant see this beeing crap


so basically were like what a feral used to be with bleed dot damage i have to agree its poor

Looks good to me.

It’s also nice if that thunder clap spreads rend with the talent, which i think it will. In fact i should test it.

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It will Spread rend if talented. Its just insane for m+ 2 and 4 set. Im good with bleed damage this high. I really love to spread bleeds. Like when you ignored AE cap with CSHB in BFA Fury.

Looks like it’s gonna be really strong for 2 target cleave. But like the whole talent build is gonna change to completely go to bleeds and skull splitter and giving arms some burst but maybe bladestorm uncapped aoe may be dropped

Hmm you already play sks. I think there is not much to change. Maybe situational dont invest 2 points for 15% bleed dmg but i have no idea right now. It will help 2 target but big pulls even more for more rend dmg and additional TC which spread rend aswell.

Overall seems like an improvement over the current set bonus in theory. But will probably require us to get as many bleed bonuses as possible. Anyway I’ll let the smart players do that for me.

I honestly hate it so much…
I hate Rend and I hate bleeds for Arms, I think it’s stupid. I just want my big crits Arms back. :sob:
It’s going to be another tier of stacking haste and dots everywhere so we can get to the execute phase, which is the only time we get to spend rage properly by the way, and have a glimpse of what Arms used to feel like when big numbers pop up on the screen.


Me too my dude :smiling_face_with_tear:

Considering the alternative (Awful 2 button fury rotation with a tier set that pushes us into a talent tree that is literally a dps loss compared to current set and rotation - assuming both are at the same ilvl of course) I think I’ll stick with arms in 10.2, or just completely reroll to retri/prot.

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