10.2 Devastation Evoker PVP feedback


I’d like to give feedback about devastation:

  • Disintegrate is the only spell that feels “good” and feels like it does damage
  • Empowered spells feel underpowered

Devastation has no “niche” seems like. What is the direction for the spec?


Well, it is the same as in 10.1.7.
My concern is still with finishing someone off. I know with the mastery change, it does not fall of further when the targets is below 30% health, but not sure if it will actually help us finish off anyone. It would be so good if we had a mortal strike like effect if the target was below 30% to balance out the damage loss.
Or would that be too op?

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Yeah, giving devastation mortal strike is one of the top suggestions that has been circulating around. Would differentiate it from the other two specs and wouldn’t be OP

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