16 Fyrakk HC kills and no Leggo

I’ve killed this soab 16 times on hc (16x Greater Embers) and still no leggo.
What do you guys think? Is this intended?
Character: Pedalin-Kazzak


Never do blizzard’s grind fests. They are all avoidable and non imperative.


Sadly the drop rate has never been confirmed by Blizzard but most use it as a rough guideline. RNG can be a cruel mistress.

I hope you get it soon!


wait for df remix in 5\6 years.


Are you 100% sure all 16 were on different weeks? The character page only shows number of kills, not number of lockouts when kills happened


Yes absolutely sure.
And I have a WA that tracks the greater embers.

Ofc your on kazzak

Sure, but it’s really frustrating.

In the Ny’alotha patch I failed to get my heroic weapon for 23 weeks. Tons of alts got it before me due to forced personal loot as well.

In the end the guild made a concentrated effort to ensure I would get it by stacking up well geared casters.

On the 2nd attempt of this, it worked.

The week after that the Mythic version dropped for me.



Its not working as it should. May i have a question hom many kills are from season 3 ? There is a scenario that the progress you had from previous season was undone and you started from scratch. Have the same issue but i dont have 16 kills just 12 but additionally several normals plus many lessers.


8 kills were from Season 3.
I have 16x greater embers and 15x lesser ones.
If what you say is true, the system is more ridiculous than what I thought it was xD

Thank you for the information. Well we dont know so iam trying to figure it out from the players data. I had a player in my group that had 17 kills and nothing so you are not alone. And yes its ultra ridiculous

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Whatever that means