17th Anniversary Drops Hotfixed

I tried for two days, 100 kills and while I’m pleased about the change, I’m annoyed that it wasn’t like this from the start. Every alt is in Tanaris and I can move them back at my leisure.

I just sacrificed an alt so I could get a character from undelete in order to do one more kill today. That poor char is now stuck for 7 days before I can restore.


It’s not as cool as a Core Hound or Deathwing, but those were also anniversary mounts anyone could get. This is less effort to get but it’s also a (subjective of course) less cool mount.

Waterfalls are so cute! Perfect way to express inner harmony that you don’t have to deal with another layer of RNG en route to mount #600! :clap:

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I’m so glad I was like “I’m not even going to bother trying with this drop rate” and now it’s fixed

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Nice change.

Just got both drops now.

I was kind of debating with myself if I should call in the alt army like others had done, but it’s really not a practice I consider enjoyable.

I can appreciate having low drop chances on loot that is always present, like mounts dropping from end bosses in raids. Cool enough if those have a 1% drop chance and players can run the raids once a week on as many characters as they want for as long as they care to.

But I don’t think the time-limited events should have these extremely low drop chances, because it really just stresses players out. There’s an instant fear of missing out and players seem willing to go to extreme and downright unhealthy lengths to try and get the drops.

So this is a good change.

It’s good for players’ mental health, and that’s important. :+1:


That mount should be delivered in the mailbox!

right now hotfix the xp for korraks :smiley:


Rofl 10 char ok guess I just gonna grab it!

Yeah, I can see why some people think that. I personally have always liked these more low-key mounts (I think for 99% of my play time from all the way back in TBC I’ve used the Cenarion Hippogryph) so I dig it. I’ve never had a dragonhawk before and I was thinking about rolling a DK once I eventually buy Shadowlands and a black dragonhawk would definitely fit the character.

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Gotta admit, my first reaction seeing this thread was laughing out loud at the irony cause i’ve seen lots of people farm it like mad since yesterday and there I was only having killed it once thinking “meh not gonna bother farming this it’s just a reskin”.

Honestly though, it’s really bad to not having done this from the start and be a step behind, not kind to the most dedicated mount farmers out there.


they have sacrificied everything. what have you given?

sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrysorry sorry sorrysorry sorry sorrysorry sorry sorry


Guess I should have waited till tonight to have another attempt. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow

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Gimme axe tmog 100% too and im good.

Not if an ACME piano falls on you.


Yes. I got the Doomhawk. The problem is that for some reason this mount and all other Dragonhawk mounts are bugged. They fly like they are drunk. The animation alone makes me dizzy.

Only Armored Red Dragonhawk seems to be fine and has straight flying animation rather than this leaning to the sides drunk thing.

Blizzard is really weird :slight_smile: on Monday it’s 1% on Tuesday it’s changed to 100%.

They didn’t even explain whether it was a bug or whether they just changed their mind…


I wish there was a happy medium between ridiculous RNG and handing it out for basically free.

It is perfectly fine for not everybody to have everything - there was no need to hotfix to 100%

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Not that Im opposed to this but… the one time I get lucky… and get the mount on the first kill… meanwhile 400ish kills on mechagon boss and 130 on LFR wing 1… pff… give me my luck back.

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