17th Anniversary Drops Hotfixed

i got the mount on the fifth try together with the toy
only good drops were the 220 2h axe
alts got the mail belt(hunter) and 3 cloaks with my dk getting the war tier recolour helm with versatility

only to get the toy a second time today and the same belt on hunter
the rest of the leather/cloth/mail/plate tmog and weapons like int dagger are still rng

There was me earlier today thinking I’d actually had some luck for once. :joy: I was there flexing in Orgrimmar and all! Happy to have the mount and glad for everyone else, too. We’ll get that Ashes of Al’ar one day.

Bad change :frowning:

So this event is for other people and not me? Funny I always thought I pay the same money. It is in fact everyone’s ‘birthday’ who plays the game.

If you’re going to use an analogy, you really ought to think it through first to see if it fits.

Entitlement is huge in you.
It’s blizzards birthday.

Not yours. Not anyones.

Something like a 20% chance would suffice, you’d have to be very unlucky not to get it even with a single lvl60 toon. (That’s the Smoldering Emberwyrm’s drop rate in Legion Kara.)


Very disrespectful when it comes to player time, and extremely stupid that they keep doing the same thing over and over. This entire expansion is filled with garbage that encourages having an army of characters that can keep pulling the hand of the slot machine.

I have no issue with rarity or general accessibility, but it would be more rewarding and fun if it didn’t come from a 30sec loot pinata. Next time either try making it somewhat challenging or require some effort in collecting currency to buy it from a vendor.

This just screams, oh - we didn’t fix it because it is inconvenient, dull and boring experience for players to keep farming it over the next few weeks with a dozen characters, but more likely someone wrote a news article on how rare the drop is. If it’s guaranteed, it might encourage more players to pay a subscription for something that can be obtained once a year.

I tried 0 times the past 2 days but tomorrow im gonna give it a go and back to forza 5. Im alpha male.

This gif surely…


Ermm…Actually… it is mine! :rofl:


Like 99% of internets peoples you don’t know what entitlement means. You throw it around because it’s a buzz word.

Anyone you got flagged down, because essentially you are trolling.

When you (WANT) something given to you immediatly when its someone elses birthday its entitlement, not sure what mormon dictionary you read.

It -is- my birthday today, and I can play well with others and share presents, Enjoy your mount drop everybody!


Why? Are you that kind of person that is jealous of other people getting things that you like to have exclusively


Yes. I also dislike gnomes.

Also it’s not jealousy.


so only new reword is a toy and mount then with tokens u can buy a new cape trasmog ?

It’s not only ‘Blizzard’s birthday’ because you say it is. It is in fact a celebration of 17 years of World of Warcraft. Nowhere is it stated it is just for the company-- indeed that would be quite ridiculous.

‘Entitlement’ as in EVERYONE who plays the game, and has bought it, and is part of the WoW community and world. I don’t welcome this change in the expectation it only benefits me.

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time with the likes of you, but you seem to think you’re clever so it’s a fair distraction.


But the new brawl has this bug
Join as group failed :man_facepalming:

Can you fix trade chat now ? Ty .

Now the mount will have as much prestige or value as the Bronze Drake or Black Drake from OS. You get it just by breathing, logging into the game. Yes, having a 1% drop for a limited time event is not ideal, but then horseman and love rocket exists as well. Yet another +1 mount that people won’t ever use now.