+18/21 Guild?

Hi there,

Anyone know if there is a guild for older gamers on the server?

From practical and social aspects, I’d be happy to find one. Know we’re all still leveling etc. but would be great to find some likeminded to journey with, and later on raid.

Hello. We are a bunch in the guild Iratius that are between 25 and 30, myself being 34. 10-12 of us are reallife buds with work and family, so nothing hardcore. Accepting all classes and speccs, we cant be picky. Leveling together and aiming for pvp at end game, perhaps raiding but the time will show. Feel free to contact me ingame for a chat!

Thank you Eg, but I already leveled an alliance mage quite a bit further since I posted this. :smile: Kinda lazy to reroll horde now-

But thanks for the offer!

Still looking in case anyone is offering on alliance side.