(18/5) Sin-Shal'Dorei RP Event |The Summer Masquerade ✨

(As seen on the AA follow this link: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/272758)

A Sin’dorei & Shal’dorei orientated Masquerade providing focus on socialization, politics and general enjoyment to indulge in for your Elven supremacy needs.

Date: 18 May 2024
Time: 21:00 ST
Location: Fairbreeze Village
Faction: Horde
Event details:
A masquerade hosted by the noble House Mournflame within their estate in Fairbreeze Village.
Guests are required to have attire befitting a Masquerade and to belong to one of the following Horde Races: Sin’dorei, Shal’dorei, Dracthyr(Visage)

OOC details:
Please be sure to confirm your attendance via letter to Lord Valorian Mournflame (Ingame OOC: Flamebound)

Adding onto the immersion we highly recommend in spirit of being “masked” to create a secondary TRP Profile in theme of your outfit/vibe to keep the mystery.
We hope to see you there gamers! :partying_face:


One more night sleep until Silvermoon’s finest dust of their dancing soles and twirl their silvery tongues.
All for a good cause of course… :dizzy:

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With that the curtains have drawn over the Summer Masquerade after a F A B U L O U S evening with at least 30 participants that had been counted! :dizzy: :partying_face: (Don’t tell the Alliance that)
Big kuddo’s to everyone for keeping the mystique that the Event wished to entail where we have seen some very interesting masked persona’s…
Screenshots of the Event can be found under the Horde Casual RP Discord of your dancing and prancing Elves!

:fist: One big round of standing ovation for our host Flamebound who split themselves into four for hosting the clue hunt, providing the ambience and being on his Silvermoon’s best.
We ask you all to stay tuned for future endeavors and Elven shenanigans and hope this encourages some more initiatives for the Silvermoon scene!


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