19 years returning player LFG

Hi there,

You read that right, I’ve decided to come back to WOW after an almost 19 year hiatus!

I was one of the lucky few who got into the Beta and once the game released I continued playing for about six months before deciding, reluctantly, that my final year at Uni was more important than my gaming addiction, so I decided to quit WOW and focus on my girlfriend and dissertation (I still got dumped, but I also got a first!)

Anyway, in the years before and since, I’d dallied about in various online guilds and communities for other games, but sniff, I’m not sure I have ever truly recreated the joy and thrills of that original WoW experience or the online communities from back then.

I’ve resisted the temptation over the years to come back (I mean I was pretty badly addicted to be fair and there was lots of negative press about how much WoW was ruining the lives of our young people) but this year, for whatever reason, I decided instead of playing Baldur’s Gate 3 (which I’ll probably ask for at Christmas - if I can hold out that long), I played the WoW trial, bought the Dragonflight expansion and well, here I am.

So I’m really just looking to join a fun, drama free, bunch of older gamers, so I can level in PvE while I drink my craft beer and whinge about the good old days, when we all used to have to grind for seven years to hit max level, while staring at godawful models on tiny 21" CRT monitors powered by our Voodoo 5 GPU’s, writing DPS burst macro’s so we could have a chance of winning a 1v1 vs a paladin*.

(*I have no idea if that last bit is even remotely accurate - it’s been so long since I did anything remotely like that)

Downside, I’ve made about ten characters on Doomhammer since I got back but I’m probably not that attached to them all and I do have a level 60 token so would probably happily level another nine characters on your server if you also agree to listen to me talking about Amiga 1200’s.

TLDR: Old man is LFG.

Oh yeah, I’ve gone by a few names over the years “Sizerkoze” most recently but AKA SHP, SHep, SHPPPIE which are all variations on my original, childish moniker “SatansHandPuppet”

Hey there , you still on the lookout for new guild ?
I think were a good match, so if youre interested in knowing more. You can contact me on discord

Or check out our guild recruitment page: Purgatorium recruiting

I did also play beta and then played the game until wotlk and came back late shadowlands so yeah :blush: were a bunch of old timers in our guild i guess that would sooth you real good :blush: add me on disc or bnet and lets continue this chat, would be interesting :blush:

I’m an officer in a guild on Doomhammer called Revenants that is full of older returning players, some of which are also IT people. We’re a friendly, helpful bunch and run most levels of pve content but with the focus on no drama and maximum fun. If that sounds like a good fit you’re welcome to give us a try. We also have an active discord server where you could probably find someone to discuss Amiga 1200s

I loved reading your post and reckon you’d fit in well with us :rofl: I even remember my uni days - i made the clear decision to NOT play WoW until i had my degree, because I knew i would never finish at uni otherwise! :joy: And yes, some of us reminisce over the “good old days” while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a more accessible retail WoW for busy lives :laughing:

Soul Crusaders (Turalyon/Doomhammer) might be what you’re looking for. The guild was created “in the good old days” just after TBC release, back in 2007. We’re a small, people-centred guild that runs normal and heroic raids as well as M+. We understand that real life comes first - and life is busy! So our raid and scheduled M+ sessions are fairly short: raids are Sun and Tues nights 21:30 -23:00 Server Time. Our M+ nights are on the same time slots, with Friday being the higher keys brackets (the key levels change through the season, as we progress; the main goal for Fri night is working towards KSM and beyond), Thurs is practising, building confidence and improving gear, and when there is interest, Wed nights are learning, gearing and practising runs with “baby keys”. Loads of members run ad hoc keys as well, so you’re not necessarily limited to the scheduled runs.

Please note, we’re now in the end of season lull, so it’s quieter than usual :slight_smile: and have just made the shift from HC Aberrus reclears to Glory of the Aberrus Raider. We are all very much looking forward to season 3! :smiley:

There’s no attendance expectations; we have fully social members, some who only sign up for raids and not M+ and vice versa, and those who enjoy both. We have quite a few members who work shifts, so it’s not a problem if you can’t make both raid nights every week. Obviously it’s better if most people can attend regularly though :stuck_out_tongue:

We currently have space for DPS and a healer in our raid team - and if you fancy M+, there’s space there, too :slight_smile:

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact me Bnet :sheira#1910 or Discord: Lakshmii#0552 (or since the name change, I think it might just be Lakshmii now!?)

Our raids are also usually live-streamed, so if you’re curious, look up twitch.tv/erdiud on Sun/Tues evening during the times mentioned above :slight_smile:

Or, feel free to post a guild application at discord.gg/qjP9hKSR (You can’t see the full server as a guest, there’s loads more in there with member access :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi mate, Closed beta player here. I stayed on when you left and have been playing on and off since.

Hit me up on discord at Sharky#7609 or BNET: sharky#2786 for a chat.

How do I contact someone to chat? I am not currently on your server.