2 Friends LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild!

Hey guys,

My buddy and I are looking for a new friendly guild to raid with. We currently both play healers (he’s a hpala and I’m a holy priest) but I can flex as shadow and I’m also gearing a boomie alt. We’re interested in clearing HC and some mythic and have both raided high end mythic in previous tiers.

If any of you guys are searching for these roles let us know! Feel free to get in touch with us through the forums or via battlenet. Thanks!


Hey there!
Are you guys only interested in Alliance guilds? :slight_smile:
If not my guild on Twisting Nether (Horde) is currently in huge need of healers.
We are a completely fresh guild planning on raiding for the first time this upcoming Thursday.
But I know how hard it is to find a guild when you are applying together so maybe you guys would be open for a newly formed guild?
Regardless here is our recruitment post and if it atall sounds interesting just add my btag or discord and we could have a chat!



I can see your currently alliance, however if your interested in swapping, we are looking for exactly that a Holy Priest and Holy Pala.

Please do let us know if your interested and do check out our post.

Hi Whimsie! (Horde Guild, but thought i’d shout out anyway) I’m a tank and officer for Continental Breakfast - Stormscale EU. We are a small group and guild mostly from the UK, looking to recruit a couple more members to fill our heroic roster and push M+

We raid Wed/Fri night 8-12 server time, 7-11 UK Time. We are looking mostly for 1 or 2 more healers, a warlock and a boomkin.

We are laidback and understand not everybody can commit to 100% attendance, but we are also semi serious and want to achieve and push content. Looking to be getting heroic on farm, and push +15 keys etc.

If this sounds of interest to you give me a shout :smile: