2 friends LFG

Hello there recruiters!

We are two players here who are looking for a guild to raid with. We are looking for a guild that is aiming for mythic progression. The guild doesn’t have to be an established CE guild that gets it every tier, but we would atleast like to have some progression. Currently we are on Tarren mill Horde, but we wouldn’t mind swapping realm or even faction, it all depends on the location of the guild.

About us:
We are two guys who know eachother in real life and have been playing together for quite some years now. Both of us have mythic raiding experience, without any cutting edges though. Our best shot at one was Argus the Unmaker at around 10%. Both of us like to do some mythic+ or pvp as well other than raiding, so having other kind of events in the guild is a good thing for us.

The classes we are playing are: Death knight and a Restoration Druid.


Would you like to know more about us, you can add me on:

Btag: Kwadehenk#2577

Hello, we are in need of dps and healers. We plan to go into hc after holidays.

If you like the thread below, you can add me on bnet to discuss more.


I’m Niyxx from Last Rites - Kazzak!

We’re currently looking for a few more to join our guild, we’re 3/10 HC with eyes set on clearing mythic before the next tier comes in!

Mature guild with old hardcore raiders who have pushed hard and now looking for a more steady family friendly life.

Raid times Wed/Sun 21:00 - 00:00 and optional Tue 21:00-00 CET

If this floats your boat and you want any more info or a chat, my btag is Niyxx#2403


We’re currently looking to improve our healing and damage roster as we push through mythic, check out the link below and hit me up on bnet if you wanna have a quick chat about what we both want from each other!


Hello Recruiters, we are still looking for a guild.

Hey :slight_smile: have a look at AI maybe its something for you guys

Hey there

Not sure if we’re exactly what you’re looking for but some friends and I are putting together a cross-realm heroic raiding community with the long term goal of building a mythic guild once we’ve established a stable core. You can read the recuitment post here.

We haven’t actually done anything as group yet (aiming to start next weekend) but if you want to check us you let me know and I can send logs of myself and/or the raid leader.

[Horde][Stormscale] (10/10HC)

We are a friendly bunch of returning endgame raiders who formed our guild at the release of Shadowlands. We’re currently at around 100Members and still growing, so we have a community of joyful people to interact with.

But now to the interesting part.
We are currently 10/10HC, looking to fill in our remaining slots to start Mythic progression with Cutting Edge as our end goal.
The Experience of our raiders vary from Multiple Cutting Edges to just a few mythic bosses killed.

Our progression raiding schedule is Wednesdays and Sundays 20:00-23:00
We have optional farm raids on Thursdays 20:00-23:00 which is NM Atm. When we are able to clear 10/10HC in 3 hours, HC will be moved to Thursdays(Last Wednesday we went 8/10HC with 6 less than mediocre trials)

We have a bunch of more information on our WoWProgress page.
You are also free to add me on Discord if you’re interested or have any questions: Cleverbot#6242

Since you’re looking for a new guild, have a gander at MythicMinus!