[H][Eonar/Vek'Nilash/Blade's Edge] Rookie Friendly Progression Guild now recruiting!

MythicMinus is a recently established guild by a group of players who value a good community atmosphere and personal progression. We’re looking for english speaking members(preferably with voice comms) to join our guild and join us in our journey to the top.

We can and will help with gear, knowledge and guidance to get you up to scratch for all the raids and dungeons on various difficulties, in turn, we expect members to maintain a similar attitude. Invest in your fellow guildmates means investing in the guild itself.

MythicMinus is very much a community about involvement, a place to find friends to dungeon/raid with and a guild where criticism is heard, not shunned.

We’re a mature guild, that means mature content as well within our discord as over comms will be commonplace.

Want to know more?

  • You can find us in the guild finder ingame
  • leave a message here
  • whisper any of our members ingame! ( My bnet tag is Sunch0#2229 )