2 horde players looking for guild


We are 2 adults (at least in the age sense) who are looking for a casual guild to progress with into dungeons and hopefully raids.

I have played on- and off througt past expansions, and raided back in the day as a healer. I think last time was WoTlk if i remember it correctly. Later expansions i have mained DPS. So by all intents and purposes i consider myself a returning player that is still learning. My partner have been playing for a while, but are still learning and growing in the game, she will main hunter class for now.

what we are looking for:

  • A casual, active, friendly and medium-ish sized guild with grown ups that are not easily offended, we do appreciate humour and friendly banter.

  • A guild that respects RL obligations.

  • A guild with patient members that perhaps every now and then can help us get better. Especially since im going to try to get started healing again and need some training in that. I would like to learn tanking aswell in time (i have done some in BFA dungeons, but consider myself horrible at it currently).

What we can add to a potential guild:

  • A pair of friendly, helpful people who are not easily offended. We are patient, and know that progress is a group effort. Do like a bit of friendly banter, and hope to forge new friendships ingame.

  • Can be online during most evenings, and try our best to be an asset to the guild.

  • Will do our best to come prepared to dungeons & raids with needed stuff and tactics read beforehand.

Thanks for reading this long post, and please reply to it, perhaps with a discord tag, if interessted. I would really like to talk to an recruitment officer or Guild master prior to accepting invite so we can see if we are compatible, and that both ours, and the guilds expectations align.

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