2 Looking for a guild, Horde preferred

TL;DR - Couple looking for horde raiding guild, preferably Friday or Saturday & Sunday nights.

Holy Priest and Warlock, most likely

My other half and I have recently started playing, and are very interested in going into the new expansion. I’ve been playing off and on since Vanilla, and he only played for a short while during Cata and hasn’t had a chance to raid yet.

I am planning to main a warlock (class i’ve not really messed with until now) and he will be playing a priest, most likely Holy but healing either way.

Ideally i’m looking for a relaxed guild that still has interest in raiding, at least up to heroic. Wouldn’t be a big loss to not do much mythic raiding, although i’m personally a bit interested in doing mythic+ dungeons - I haven’t really done any since i’ve come back to the game.

With work schedules and such, late nights would be better as far as raids go. Currently Sundays are very doable, and Friday would be better for me but could probably figure something out for the other. Would rather not do any more than two nights a week. Hopefully there’s a guild out there that wouldn’t mind a new player and someone trying to remember how to play properly.

Anyway, really just want a guild that focuses more on fun than anything and enjoys each other’s company and actually groups up together to do things. No interest in min/maxing, just wanna play the game with familiar folks.

Hi I might have something for you but its alliance side one silvermoon

Its Wed & Mon thats just starting out with 7 members in guild 4 (1 off realm) of which are actively playing atm moment doing m+. End goal of the guild is the clear heroic in the 1st tier and hopfully start mythic in the 2nd tier of the SL.

My guild is based on twisting nether and we are looking for players to bolster our ranks in Heroic progress. You would be more than welcome

hey my guild is looking to recruit more dps and healers on argent dawn horde side we raid on tuesdays/thursdays with M+ on offnights if that interests you contact me on battlenet = Diminius#2228 il be online most evenings between 20:00-24:00 server time

Hey mate, We are looking for a warlock specifically for our Realms First Mythic guild… feel free to check us out: [A] 2 Day Mythic Guild: Natural Competition Recruiting For Shadowlands

Hello there,

How are you? “A relaxed guild” was the key here.
Please have a look on this and consider a discord chat. Cheers

If you’re still looking for a guild, please check us out !

Thanks for all of the responses. Still currently looking… hoping to find raid times for Fridays and Sundays, possibly Saturdays. Preferably later, ending by 23:30. Other half and I have more or less worked out that those would be the best days for us.

Would be nice to see mythic content - just not as the first and foremost goal, if that makes sense.


First of all , since you kinda new , welcome to Azeroth :slight_smile:

Myself been playing on and off since the start of this game and made some friends for life.

Since a good year now i ve been playing Horde with the same people when i joined horde. I am even promoted to Raid Leader.

We are recruiting people any class and spec (mainly DPS and Healers). But we want players that stay. What i mean with that is , we put fun above everything else. :slight_smile:

Our target on raids is to hit Curve . And if theres time try some Mythic bosses.
We do alot of M+ content.

Our raids prolly gonna take place on friday and sunday.

20.30 st till 23.00/23.30 ish.

We also do M+ content and there are always players willing to have a chat and laugh .

If you just want to have a talk first let me know :-).

Kind regardz Yun

Hello And welcome/welcome back.

I’m the GM of Liberum Mortis Inferno on Kazzak (Horde) and we are still looking for members.

our recruitment text basically speaks for itself:

[Liberum Mortis Inferno] Is a social guild with casual raiding ambitions and focussed on teaching new/returning players. We are currently looking for new members and have a social/fun/relaxed environment for all players.

Since we are a new guild, there are still a lot of options open in our raid schedule. So we can definitely work with your possibilities.

Hope to hear from you. Btag: NightBlade#22387