[h][almagest][kazzak] 9/12m lead forming a guild - recruiting for shadowlands mythic raiding

Almagest is a guild that was newly formed by a handful of friends who actively play mythic plus and want to get the raids going as well. :smiley:

We recently switched to the Horde due to m+, and we were known as Illustrious (Sylvanas) on the Alliance - a group of friends that raided together ever since TBC. Some of our ally friends - who have had decent progress in previous expansions - will be joining the guild, but we need more people to bolster our raiding roster.

GM/RL’s current progress is 9/12 in Ny’alotha (5.2k m+ score), and we intend to go for CE in Shadowlands, which means that we will consider only those players who have either good raid or good mythic plus progress in BFA (so EITHER at least 7/12 Nya with decent logs - OR around 4k score; both are NOT necessary). If you are an older player from earlier BFA or Legion raids, but have exceptional experience and good logs, feel free to apply as well, of course!

Classes in need:

Tanks: Closed

Healers: closed for MS healers

All classes: Open (warrior preferred)

All classes: Open (warlock preferred)

Raid days/time - Wednesday + Sunday, 20:00 - 23:00 realm time.

If you wish to apply, add GM or one of the officers on Discord for the discord guild inv where you can leave your recruitment:

Discord server link: https ://discord.gg/wpqUvah
Guild Master: Culth#5089
Officers: Widec#8375 or Karla#4963

As it stands, at the moment of writing we currently have 15 core raiders, with all having extensive or decent mythic and m+ experience, we are currently looking to fill up our roster with the rest to create a stable core team in order to smoothly transition to mythic raiding as soon as the first raid tier arrives. While it is not mandatory, we do prefer players who are capable of playing more than one character/spec (we do not require you to gear both right away, nor do we deem it mandatory, but we do prefer having the option to switch in order to adapt to raid or m+ content and make the content smoother for the team when we reach mythic raiding or high level keystone dungeons).

If you believe that this kind of team fits you and your needs, and that you can contribute to us as well, feel free to contact the guild leader or the officers in order to join us!

Thanks for the read


As it stands, we’re still looking for a few dps, mainly ranged and a warrior, altough others will ofcourse be considered! Thanks!