2 shadowflame vs 1 shadowflame + frosfire belt

hello fellow warriors

i am wondering about what to craft

many warriors say 2 shadowflame is best

but i have seen some warriors use 1 shadowflame with frostfire belt

and they do far more dmg

anyone got idea on that ?

You probably should go for 2x Shadowflame, as it usually sims the best. Though, feel free to follow your own sims, just remember the frostfire-belt is less modular than a shadowflame piece, as you can’t remove Frostfire. Shadowflame+Frostfire is more often used by tank players, as it gives more uptime of firedamage to proc the firedamage ring. DPS usally go 2x Shadowflame, Lariat+Shadowflame, wrists+shadowflame or Lariat+Wrists. More details can be found on the warrior “official” class discord; Skyhold.


Go to #Arms #Fury #Prot and go the pins. Read the guide and QA, then ask your questions that wasn’t answered in the pins. There are some people more difficult than others, yet overall they will all be willing to help you out - with both “TLDR do this” and in depth reasoning to the why and how.

Best of luck on your choice :dracthyr_a1:

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