2 Veteran Players LF Semi-Casual Raid Guild


About us:

We are two veteran players with experience raiding from around vanilla / BC. We’ve been playing on an off throughout BFA and returned within the past couple months.

We play a mix of classes, mostly DPS with the occasional tank. One of us is primarily playing Rogue / Warrior (possibly prot in SL) and the other has yet to decide on a class for SL, but is currently playing Feral, SP and Ret Pally Most often.

One of us is currently around 1900 RIO, 12/12 HC and 4/12 M. The other is working on RIO, 12/12HC.

What we are looking for:

A one / two night semi-casual and experience raid guild, who also push M+ keys regularly. Ideally an already established guild, not something new or building up. Although we aren’t actively looking to push Mythic Raids, we don’t mind joining in if HC has been completely burned out for that tier and AoTC achieved. The preference would be for the guild to be fairly active and inclusive of who joins in content, not just certain cliques.

If this sounds like you, hit me up on kebab#2449 - we are happy to transfer (prefer high pop) server and or faction for the right guild.

Hey buddy, check us out and give me a shout if any questions :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: You may be interested in our guild. Although it is newly formed we are very committed to solidifying the team and growing the guild as soon as possible.