20 mins in queue for shuffle just to

…have a person LEAVE after 1st round. Healthy game mode, not gonna lie.


i hope riots mmo gonna have arena and bgs.i dont see blizzard doing anything different ever…


Something has to happen but I don’t know what. I don’t take the story ‘‘Just queue’’ anymore.

You know whats worst? Having 6 Games in a Row 3:3, with one healer 6:0 and the other 0:6. While having 20 Min+ Wating Time.
I’m trying to hit 1800, just for the Set. Its not Fun.

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lets just hope pvp is bigger focus instead side game, I dont much have preference for in what format it comes aslong the game is about pvp. many mmo have had big participation for pvp and they didnt have arena type format yet there were major aspect on pvp and alot players everywhere daily and active tuning to try maintain class balance so that something dont just stomp other classes 1v3 just cause its so broken.

It were harder find group for some random dungeon farm that you needed for profession or something, no one cared about pve when its more fun fight actual players in games. I only hope that they see the potential in making mmo about pvp instead pve.


blizzard finally needs to also penalize mmr and not only cr for leaving lobbys.

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