20 yards nameplates complaint thread #19498784

Ranged classes are no fun to play when I can’t see what’s going on in the battleground. You should feel embarrassed about your pigheaded refusal to fix this glaring issue. I have over 30 yards range yet can’t properly see past 20.

Bulls*it. I’m done with bgs until this issue is addressed.


then why can a hunter I cannot see in distance tag me with mark as soon I respawn on GY? I see him like a 5x5 pixels and his freaking mark just pops on me. If hunter can do it from that distance, you can as well (maybe settings, maybe glasses, better monitor i donno).

Probably he means he want to see HP.

If u are talking about BGs he is probably using BattlegroundEnemies, so he can select u from the addon’s frame, if u are playing without similar addon in BGs u are basically trolling.