205 DK DPS/Tank LF Raiding Guild


I’m an ilvl 205 DK (Unholy and Blood) looking for a raiding guild. I’m 30, based in the UK and am looking to do progression raiding at least 2 times a week. I have a microphone and discord.

I’ve played since vanilla with frequent breaks but returned at the end of BFA. I’m currently 4/10HC Nathria, but looking to join a main raid team to progress this and the rest of the raids this expansion.

Currently on Anachronos but I do not mind swapping server to join a main raid team that is willing to let me learn and grow as a DK player.


Hey man, fellow UK player here!

Currently recruiting for my guild Pulse Gaming, 2/10M at the moment and looking for more players to beef up the roster. Raid days are Wed/Thu/Sun 2000-2230 server time.

If you might be interested my battlenet is WalkingDead#1179

Impaired are looking for another tank or a DPS DK. We are helping gear a few returning players and re-rolls. We stomped 10/10 normal CN at the weekend for fun. Our raid days are starting this Wed & Thurs - 9pm-12am game time.
Really friendly bunch with calm/non-toxic raiding environment.
Looking to clear herioc on Thursday. :slight_smile:
A lot of UK based players.

Check us out here - https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Impaired

Our discord too, if you want to check it out too. https://discord.gg/XNua3nEEJP

Hello, please check the thread below, and let me know if you want to discuss more.

Hello there! If your looking at a friendly close knit raiding guild we might be what you look for, hit me up on bnet DizzleDale#2165


Simplistic 2/10 M, is a newly formed guild. Of irl friends, and long term ingame friendships.

We have come together, formed a mythic raiding guild. That will aim for CE each tier going forwards.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, from 20-23 Server time.

Any newcomers are welcome as Trial position, main raid team is preferably looking for Warrior, Warlock - Though all exceptional players are in consideration.

We are looking for socials, to help fill the optional guild events such as RBG’s, Arena, M+.

For any further questions, contact either;
Or on discord;