2/10M CN Rogue 214ilvl LF guild

Hello guys,
Mature rogue playing this game since Wrath, is looking for new guild for raiding for 2 days/wekk and starting from 20:30 or later. Able to realm transfer.

My current progression is 2/10 CN Mythic.
In BFA I did:
Nzoth CE 12/12M
EP 7/8 M
BoD 9/9M CE
Uldir 4/8 M

for more info or questions here is contact to me:
BNid - Sorkee#2863
Discord - Sorki#9220

Hi Mate,

We still in heroic, however only 4 raids in and were 7/10 and pushing towards mythic.

If your happy to take a small step back for raid times, we would be happy to have you.

Please do have a look at our post and let us know if your interested.