214 ilvl BM Hunter LF Mythic Raiding (possibly play other classes)

Currently looking for a new home due to the collapse of my last guild (like so many others)
What i am looking for:
A guild focused on mythic content (achieving CE would be great but not the end of the world if it doesnt happen)
Potentially a alt run from time to time
Guild interested in M+ and active guild groups pushing keys
Active guild with social banter - not a raid logging guild were outside of raids you rarely see anyone online.
What you can expect from me:
No drama or toxicity ever
Focused player - who works hard on his character to achieve the best results i can.
Always raid ready (consumables etc and learning tactics) and will give close to 100% attendance.

Currently playing a BM hunter (yes i know please dont ask me to play MM as it wont happen) have achieved 10/10hc on this toon before our guild collapsed,
Have 2/10M progress on a Holy Pala, - again not really keen to play this
Have multiple alts (Ele shaman, Fire Mage, Boomkin, DH) at 200 ilvl+ and could possibly switch to one of them for the right guild

If any of the above is of any interest please contact me on btag barbaruss#2188 for a chat

Hey there!
We are a 3/10 Mythic guild on Twisting Nether that focus on having a fun raiding environment while also killing bosses!
Maybe you could check us out and see if it is something that could interest you :slight_smile:

Hey mate tasty Intentions is a relatively new guild (although with a lot of long time players) who is focused on progression but in a very friendly, laid back and absolutely non-toxic atmosphere. Our progress is 3/10 mythic atm, we intend to get CE at the latest in 9.1 (9.0 depends on the time until next patch release). We also enjoy our time in M+ (we have quite afew people with KSM in guild) and also run some RBG on the side. Our raid times are Thurs/Sun 19.30 to 22.30 and an optional wednesday heroic raid
If you are interested contact me on discord Zordan#2414 or in game Zordan#2158

Hi Barbaruss,

Would love to talk to you more, all of your points about mythic raiding, alt runs M+ and social banter in a drama free atmosphere, sounds like us, please check out our guild recruitment post and if it interests you please do add me on battlenet.