214 ilvl Shadow Priest - Looking for a new home

Hey hey wow forums <3

I am again looking for a new guild or well the offers I can get for a guild, I have gotten tired of my current guild how stuff is done, there for I am looking for a new home to play in.
I would like to join a guild with around the same progress as I have right now 10/10HC and 2/10M I dont like being “boosted” per say.

I’ve been playing since Vanilla(AQ opening event)

Prefer to stay on horde side and hopefully on twisting nether, but I am willing to transfer if I get the right offer(even alliance but needs to be “good” offer)

looking to raid 2-3 days a week, somewhere inbetween the hours 20:00 to 0:00
I can raid anyday as we speak.


hope to get some good offers, if not have a nice day/ evening

Discord: Nazkol#6805
Bnet: Nazkol#2254

bump bump <3

Hey Nexlin,

Give us a look.

Hey, we may be what your looking for?

Feel free to contact us if your interested, we hope you find a new home soon either way.