2.1k+ CR Alliance Recruitment for RBG's :D

Hey hello and welcome!
We’re a group of currently 5 ppl, looking for another 5 ppl to join us in the push on to 2.4k++ hopefully within this season and the season to come. We need dedicated, non toxic! players, that are comfortable playing with voice.

Our current setup is : 1x Hpala |1x Rsham | 1x Subrogue | 1x Spriest | 1x Retpal

What we need right now is a : DK (that can targetcall) | DH Tank | Monk/Warr | Affilock | and a 3rd healer (prefered disc priest)

I want to point out in advance : Be around the same CR please - And be vocal

If this seems like something for you, reply!

Hi dude, im 2.1k cr holy main, i can go disc although i beat out other disc with holy easy peasy :wink: looking for a constant team honestly

Hi i am also lf a fix rbg group.

Disc 2.2k cr know whats my role in bgs and also Vocal.

Offspec shadow


Yo, also looking for a stable rbg team.

Awar 2150cr (2196 peak kek)

Disc : sanei#8144
Btag : sanei#2726

We are 2 players:
Lock 1950cr
Druid Resto/boomy 1950cr