220 Vdh/214BrM looking for Heroic guild

Hey guys.

So i recently joined a guild that has even more recently decided to disband its raid team and move to a different realm on a lower pop server as alliance.

As the title says, my two mains are tank characters and i’d ideally find a home as a tank with either as main. My own progress is 10/10H and 0/10M.

What im looking for really is a guild primarily focussed on AOTC each tier with getting their feet into mythic raiding. Right now i have the time to commit to just about any raid schedule but i cant promise to commit to a CE schedule post lockdowns etc. The guild would preferably raid 2-3 nights a week and ideally weeknights but i am very flexible right now as i said.

What i will bring is a plucky, can-do attitude, experience o multiple classes and roles from playing this god forsaken game since vanilla through to today with a few breaks in between. (You know. you think you’ve ‘quit WoW’ but you never really have)
I’ll commit to 95% raid attendance and be there on time and prepped with all consumables at all times. I will have a knowledge of encounters from different POV’s and will learn new encounters in new tiers like the back of my hand.

So yeah, in a nutshell, thats my post.

I will add that im open to any higher pop server and even a faction change if absolutely necessary and both the realm (not you argent dawn) and guild are right.

Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi there,

I have added you on Battle.net to talk further! We could be a good fit for you.


Many thanks

I’ve added you on Disc. Hope we can have a chat :+1:

Dear Borboletta

If you’re still looking add me for a chat on battlenet (Mrhappybunny#2423) or on discord ( Mrhappybunny#0287)

Hi Borb,

Would love to talk to you more, you sound like you’d fit in perfectly with us, please check out our guild recruitment post and if it interests you please do add me on battlenet.