221 Fury war and 224 BM hunter LF M+ guild

We’ve known each other for years we have KSM and would like to obtain at least curve every raid. I’m (Fury warr) curved and would consider Mythic raiding if it fits my schedule. The BM hunter is only interested in M+ due to his schedule.

This is the char xD

Hey Unlits!

Let me know if either of our raids will fit your schedule.

Hey there!

We could be a good guild for you :slight_smile: we are Tooth and Fang, currently 9/10 HC in CN and looking for more DPS to extend our roster for this tier and 9.1 (very close to knocking down sire!) we are very excited for next tier! We also do m+ aswell, we are PvE focused.
We raid Wednesday and Thursday 2100-0000 ST.

Please feel free to add me for a chat on discord - Elflda#9187
My battle net is - Petrova#2255