230 ilvl resto/ele shammy looking for new home

Hey at the moment i am looking for an new home since my old guild pretty much died! I am very social and treat everyone with respect if they respect me ofc! i am 30 years old guy form sweden who love meet new ppl as grow as an guild member and be an better player to improve my main spec. I have play my shaman for like 2-3 month only since i moved from druid to shaman to main shammy even have my warlock as main alt.

my shaman is nícosham-draenor.
my warlock : main alt is Lúcíférfóx-kazzak
my hunter: Torrento-draenor
u can type to me on discord : Nicosham#8050

Hi Devilsborn,

I will try and add you on discord so we can have a chat, but you can read a bit about our guild on this thread :slight_smile:

If this sounds interesting, please add me ingame - Kapow#21848

Hi Devilsbórn,

If you are looking for a Curve focused guild then I think my guild should be able to offer you something!

Our progress is currently 8/10 Normal and we should be starting to push Heroic bosses by next week. We raid Mondays and Tuesdays 20:00-23:00 server time and are currently in need of a 3rd main healer to join our team as we have been using a couple of people with off specs to jump in!

We also run Torghasts and M+ with fellow guild members outside of raiding hours and provide a relaxing but focused raiding atmosphere to chill out and kill bosses in.

I can see your Shaman is Horde currently so a faction change would be required, but if you don’t mind that then I have added your discord, please feel free to get back to me whenever you can :slight_smile:

My discord is Ilanoar#3210

Yo. Check us out if you want

Hi Devils,

If you are open to transfer this is us:

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Hey! If you are open to playing Alliance on Nordrassil/Bronze Dragonflight we have a guild for you! Add me on discord #Frippe2043 for a chat if you are interested! PS. I’m also swedish :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are a marmot mate :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m trying to bring everyone over the age of 30 in WoW under one roof! Brand new guild for creaky knees and cups of tea please

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