[A] Nordrassil/Bronze Dragonflight - The Gauntlet - 6/10 M CN - LF Healer or Ranged DPS

The Gauntlet is looking for a few more players to fill the mythic raiding team for SoD. Mainly a disc priest/holy paladin healer or any ranged dps. We raid Thursdays & Sundays 8-11 pm SVT + an optional raid on Tuesdays (heroic when we’re in mythic).

We’re a friendly but serious raiding team who expect players to prepare and want to improve while still having fun! We don’t have a set 20 player mythic crew but will tailor what classes to use for each fight and rotate flexible spots. So we’re a good team for someone who wants to raid 2 times per week most of time while still having the occational night off due to IRL schedules for example.

Add Frippe#2043 on discord for a chat!