2/8M BM/MM Hunter LF a long term Guild for mythic prog


I transferred here to EU realms just recently and just got 70, I have my experience in my NA account but due to timings and time difference for raiding i have to transfer back to EU realms.

I’m working on my ilvl right but can be up to speed.

I have experience AOTC, and experienced up to 2/8M Vault (Terros, Eranog) for this raid tier and looking forward to clear Mythic as well.

I’m looking for a long term laid back, non toxic group that caters M+, Mythic raiding prog, and looks to clear this raid content as well.

Hoping to meet you if you are like minded persons :slight_smile:

Here is my discord and bnet tag,you can drop me a pm
discord= toldea2797#5546 Bnet= toldea#2797



thank you for this

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