2H Enhancement

Hello, after playing shaman since WOTLK, i couldn’t notice but to see that 2H enha is literally deleted from the game, now i’ve played mostly elemental but for 3 expansions i’ve rerolled into enhancement and all i could say is that it’s plain… boring, i remember back in TBC and early patches of WOTLK rolling 2H enha was fun, now i am not talking about one shotting because i left the pvp scene after pandaria, i am talking about adding a 4th spec, reworking the whole ability tree and maybe put it on STR spec or just keep it AGi, for example instead of storm strike you could have storm crash that functions as a mortal strike, sunder should be a main spell but remove the stun / knock effect and/or just rework it totally, i am sick of how boring 2h enhancement is, wish blizz would actually listen to the community because i’ve seen several other people post about this, maybe just maybe this one could reach some ears up there and do something, or at least put in a talent that let’s us use 2H as our main thingy, but i think that would be abandoned just as Single Minded Fury for fury warriors, which is a shame.
With the new hero talents i really hoped this 2H sham will come back but it was a let down instead, just as for survival-beast mastery combo i thought we will have 2 pets now but yet another let down.

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