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Curent Recruitment:

Currently we are in need of:
1Healer (pref pala/monk/shamy) but we may consider other classes too if they have decent logs
DPS melee: none specifically but all exceptional applicants will be considered.
DPS ranged: All Classes with prio on S.Priest

Even if your class isnt mentioned above dont give up and submit an application, we are always looking for better players :slight_smile:

A fresh guild made in first tier of BFA

Current progress 3/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic BFD

We are an international guild, looking for dedicated people to establish
and consolidate its core team and push for cutting edge in battle of Dazar’alor.

We primarily consist of a group that has played together Since TBC
and have extensive mythic experience, regarding both past and current Tier.We got together again in first tier of BFA and built a new guild.

Guild Raiding History:
Uldir: 7/8 Mythic due to lack of warlocks for Ghuun.

Our Raid Days are Thursday & Monday 20:30-23:30 Server Time

Prior Mythic Exp that we can validate or some current logs are a must.

What we expect from you -

Class Knowledge
You need to have very good knowledge about your class and spec and always look for ways to improve your performance

High Attendance
We only raid 2 days a week so at least 90% attendance is required

Come prepared for Raids
Bring consumables, be on time and be informed about the upcomming boss fights

Constant Gear Development
You should constantly try to improve your gear via Mythic+ / PvP or both. Only thing u should expect from raid is Weapon/Azerite/Trinkets.

Be vocal and have a reliable internet connection

Last but not least, a positive attitude both in the raid and when socializing in the guild in general

Do not bother to apply if:
-the only thing u want from raid is loot. We are here to fight bosses together and enjoy the thrill
-you dont like being rotated. We cannot have a guild with only 20 people in it. If you cannot understand this its better you go somewhere else.

What to expect from us -

A strong lead mythic team with a positive and constructive raid environment.

Off raid activity, either pushing high level Mythic + , leveling/gearing alts , doing achievements etc. You can check Phyrax who is our mythic team’s leader.

A mature and friendly guild with active players who respect the game and each other.

For more information regarding the guild contact one of the following:

or visit our website: murlocapocalypsetm.enjin.com

Application reviews are made within 24h unless a raid day happens to overlap.

Note: This forum post is simply informational so we do not reply to questions here.


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Recruitment updated for BFD

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